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Meet The Troops

Meet the – old and new – army of brave, emo-less, intelligent, cool-headed, imaginative, non-abusive and above all else hard working admins & staff that keep your game running smoothly and without incident on IS and TF2CSA ūüėČ This group of people have assembled to serve as a governing body over Team Fortress 2 in …

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What the Captains have to say.

Lola tracks down four great captains whose clans participated in the¬†first 16Bit TF2 One Night Cup.¬† Join her for an insightful read into how they experience gaming in Team Fortress 2. Leandre ‘LeaRox’ van Bosch; Marc ‘Surge’ du Plessis, Yasser ‘Xt3rminator’ Padia; and Danie ‘Heckers’ Nell share their input, views, gaming history and TF2 experiences. …

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Interview: Bubbles & Lolita from Mixed Chicks

Pyro chick

Hot off the press… down the wires… over the wi-fi… through the Ethernet and slamming hard into your PC comes this exclusive interview with Bubbles and Lolita from Mixed Chicks.¬† Previously we heard about Mixed Chicks, South Africa‚Äôs largest all female online Gaming Organisation. Now hear more about the founders – Yolanda ‚ÄúLolita‚ÄĚ Green and …

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Mixedchicks is currently¬†South Africa‚Äôs largest all female online Gaming Organisation. The Organisation was founded in May 2010 by Yolanda ‚ÄúLolita‚ÄĚ Green and Daniela ‚ÄúBubbles‚ÄĚ Rust at the MPLD LAN in Centurion,¬†Gauteng. Both Yolanda and Daniela are well known and respected female gamers on the local gaming scene and have been actively involved in the gaming …

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