Mixedchicks is currently South Africa’s largest all female online Gaming Organisation. The Organisation was founded in May 2010 by Yolanda “Lolita” Green and Daniela “Bubbles” Rust at the MPLD LAN in Centurion, Gauteng. Both Yolanda and Daniela are well known and respected female gamers on the local gaming scene and have been actively involved in the gaming community for quite a while.

The Organisation originally started out as a small clan consisting of group of female gamers playing CoD4 socially, but we have since grown rapidly and have now been able to expand into other games including CS:S, DoTA, BFBC2 and many other online PC games. Due to such rapid growth into the different gaming divisions we have been able to establish ourselves as South Africa’s first social all female Mutligaming Organisation (MGO).

Mixedchicks is all about girls, games, fun and good times and although we are not looking at competitive play at this stage, it can definitely not be ruled out. Mixedchicks is not a permanent obligation as most girls have commitments towards their own gaming clans and have their own endeavours within the local gaming community. Mixedchicks mainly aspires to unite the female gaming community in South Africa and provide a fun, social and supportive gaming environment for all girl gamers.

Mixedchicks was created to emulate a haven for the local female gaming community. We value and respect the relationships created within mixedchicks as well as those within the entire local gaming community. We encourage and motivate girls to get together, socialise, play games, have fun, respect and support each other. Kicking some butt in the process is just an extra little bonus.

Any girls interested in becoming a member of the mixedchicks community are more than welcome to contact us. We are always open to any ladies that would like to join and who play online games, PC or console. Mixedchicks member ages range from girls in their teens to ladies in their forties, which just shows that no one is too old or young to play games and have fun.

Since our launch in May 2010 we received tremendous interest and support from the majority of the South African gaming community. We would like to thank everyone for the incredible support we have gotten.

Once we have made our mark within the South African gaming community we hope to introduce ourselves internationally.

* * *

mC – Its all about Girls, Gaming and Good times.

There has been some talk that this MGO will be putting Team Fortress II onto their game roster, lets hope that this is true. Interview with both Co-Founders, Lolita and Bubbles to follow:)

If you are a chick and want to be part of this great MGO, please visit www.mixedchicks.co.za or contact them by emailing webmaster@mixedchicks.co.za

Please support mixedchicks on IRC in #mixedchicks

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11 years ago

Good Stuff ; )

TF2 Chicks wooo

11 years ago

My friend would like to join. Her name is susan69 :)))

11 years ago

Lols, you lazy TF peeps, do proper interview and less copy paste 😛

Would be nice if interview is with both Bubbles and Lolita.

11 years ago

Hi Tommy, I’m sure Xterminator will work on that later on np’s

11 years ago

Tommy, we’re not lazy..
We’re just misunderstood.

Big difference. 😀

11 years ago

AWE 🙂 what is this awesomeness 😀 ?

11 years ago

Peng, true story that, I use it everytime I make a booboo

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