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TF2Mixup – The TF2 Celeb and Fan Mix-Up is Here!

“Possibly the biggest thing to happen in Team Fortress 2′s history since the game went free to play,” – KritzKast We are calling on all TF2 fanboys and girls, actually, scrap that, we calling on everyone that has a purse to support this charitable TF2 event. Your donation will be used to improve the lives …

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“Bromance in the Theatre of Doom”

Bromance in the Theatre of Doom That about sums up the finals of the first Ultiduo cup hosted by 16Bittf for South African Fortress. It is a combination of two thoughts I got from John “Agro” Irwin. He described this competition as “TF2CSA Bromance” on the KritzKast website. If you read all the lovely comments …

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16Bit TF “Frags & Affection” Ultiduo Finals

South Africa kicked off their very first Ultiduo this weekend in the spirit of man love and Valentines Day. Seeing a great interest from the community the Elimination round, Prelims and Semi Finals heated up this Saturday to an exciting conclusion as to who will proceed to the finals.  Team OH NO! and Team Synergy …

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The 16Bit TF2 X-Mas Invitational

16Bit TF2 in collaboration with TF2CSA present the very first X-Mas Lower Tier Invitational 6 vs 6 competition. After the great dedication shown from the lower tier teams we have invited 6 teams to compete against each other for a cash prize this holiday season. The group stages will kick off on 4 December and …

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