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CommFT’s TF2 Moments of Glory #149 Geno

Geno's Moment of Glory

Yay another South African player Geno makes it at CommFT Moments of Glory check it out:  

CommFT’s TF2 Moments of Glory #143 KunG Fu

KunG at Moments of Glory

Oh yeah! Our very own KunG Fu features this week at CommFT’s TF2 Moments of Glory with an amazing kill streak (complete swept) at Granary during the 16Bit Face-Off-Challenge Finals vs Team Masters. Check it out:   Shouts to Lucky Luke, Community Fortress and eXtelevision Thanks!   Drop your comments at CommFT Youtube’s channel: CommFT

CommFT’s Top 10 Plays of TF2 – June 2011

Check out this June 2011 CommFT’s Top 10 Plays of TF2. Wait for #1 and see an epic TF2 Push from Last to Last by TCM in grand Final on Gullywash.

Meet the Medic !!!!

TF2 Medic

Its been a while since the last “Meet the Class” series but finally Valve has created Meet the medic! Check it out:   Source:

A Deathcam is Worth a Thousand Words by Da_Pastry

Have a look at some random pics from Da_Pastry deatchcam that he has been collecting from a long time. You might find yourself on one of those and some pics are really funny, others epic and others very random… But well some pics brought some good old memories that should remind us how fun this …

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