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TF2CSA 6v6 Frag Video by Cod

TF2CSA Frag Video

Winter Highlander 2020 Underway!

Winter Highlander Underway1

Last week the Winter Highlander 2020 tournament got started with 9 teams registering. The tournament was set up as a Double Elimination and randomised seedings. The page tournament can be found on this link: tf2.co.za/highlander, where you can find Map Pools, Rules, Teams and Fixtures. Join the rsa.tf/discord channel Winter Highlander for more information on …

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Is TF2 a Timeless Masterpiece?


While browsing Youtube a couple of days a go I stumbled upon this video from LazyPurple doing some analysis on TF2 and what makes it a great fun game. I thought of sharing it here and let me know what you think, enjoy! Have a look:

Let The PUG Begin!

The local TF2 competitive community is getting a new feature in the rsa.tf Discord Server, a bot has been created to run Pick-Up Games and is looking very good so far. Over the past few weeks Russ and skiba have been developing and testing a new Pick-up Game (pug) system which is now open for …

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