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Ask Fish – Calling Guide Part 2 (Advanced Calling)

After a great first part of Fish’s Calling Guide he has released the 2nd part of his calling guide and this one has a lot of great information with advanced techniques that you must definitely read. Get this stuff in your head mate! Check it out:

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Ask Fish – Calling Guide ( No Not our Fish)

Feeling a bit shaky or daunted by calling in game? Not sure when or how to push up, hold or even retreat? To help those teams and their leaders clarify this arcane art Fish, a British TF2 player with extensive compeitive knowledge and whom plays for VitalGaming ( yep not our own Fish aka Yaeger) has …

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Stop Corruption, Backup Your TF2 Files!

by Russ With TF2 recently becoming Free2Play and the huge amount of updates Valve keep shovelling down our throats, it has become common to see someone’s game files corrupted. To combat this there is of course Steam’s backup feature which puts your GCF’s (not sure what else) into a neat little archive waiting to be …

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MGE/ESEA Comp Guide: An Introduction to the Medic

by Torin “Sigma” Stepan The medic is the core of every 6v6 TF2 team. In the standard 6v6 format, each team is limited to one medic, and each team will use that medic constantly throughout the entire game on every map. Your team’s medic is the cornerstone of your ability to control the pace of …

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