KOTH “Viaduct 6v6 v1” Kup

Announcing the KOTH Kup

To sustain the momentum generated from the first TF2 6v6 competition and plug the gap before the second TF2 6v6 competition starts, the TF2CSA Team would like to announce sign-ups are currently open for the forthcoming Koth “6v6 v1” Kup.  This is a small tournament aimed at introducing new teams and players to competitive 6v6 gaming. The other objective of the competition is to introduce maps that aren’t usually played in the competitive format in South Africa as well as different game styles. We have designs on implementing a “Highlander” competition and other types too, such as “Sniper Wars”, in the future.

The closing date for team sign-ups is 10 May, 2010. This cup will be only be played only on “KOTH Viaduct”. The aim is to introduce this awesome map to those teams and players that have not played 6v6 game play on it yet.  The challenge of controlling the central point (where the timer counts down from 3 minutes to 0 for whichever team currently “owns” the point) creates some very challenging battles to capture, hold or regain control of the point.

The tournament will consist of 2 groups with the top 2 teams from each group advancing to the knock out stages (semi-finals / final). The reason for this is to create a balance between the various skill levels that currently exist in competitive TF2 in South Africa.  Having 2 groups also affords each team the opportunity to play more matches to get used to KOTH Viaduct. This cup will kick off on 11 May and close on 29 May.

Once the total number of teams is finalised, we can sort how many matches need to be played and will then post the match schedule. Unlike the first 6v6 competition, we are not going to use match days to play, teams will have to play their games before a deadline date.


6v6 competitive rules

The normal 6v6 competitive rules apply.

Extra rules

In addition, the following “extra rules” will apply.

Scoring: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

Win conditions: First to 4 round wins / 30 minutes time limit.

Each team will elect 1 captain to organise matches and submit results.


Matches will be arranged by team captains. Tournament admins will set-up the groups, number of matches and which teams will have to play to reach the play-offs before the deadline date.

Results are to be submitted by either captains as a comment on the “Koth Kup results page” on this site.

A Class limit of 2 maximum per class applies. Exceptions are  demo-man and medic; they are limited to 1.

Matches can only be played on either IS or either WAGE servers.

The only map being used for this competition is KOTH_VIADUCT.

All unlocks are allowed for this competition.

Subs are limited to 1. The sub cannot be part of another team’s roster. Both Captains must agree with the use of the sub in question. If one of the captains disagree, they need to contact a competition admin and give a valid reason.

How to enter

To submit your team for the KOTH Kup send an e-mail to webmaster@tf2.co.za with your team entry.

The e-mail must include the team captain’s name and the names of the other players participating for the team.

Should you already have a team registered from a previous competition, please indicate this in the e-mail and amend the existing line up.

Sign-ups close at 12PM on Monday, 10 May 2010.

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12 years ago

fury shall enter soonish.

12 years ago

Hopefully eNg will be entered asap. I’m keen for some viaduct escapades.
GL to all who enter.

12 years ago

Amped for this. :>

12 years ago

Doesnt look like CyB is going to enter, most of us are writing exams atm :(, anyway gl all teams! Ill be routing for Fury!!! 😀

12 years ago

darn, missed this comp… o well, next time…

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