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Results of Koth Kup Group Stage

After some clarification about Narcotics not dropping from the competition as they just forfeit their las two games because they did not have enough players the standings have been fixed. The latest results of the Koth Kup and the matches that still will be played ( eNg vs Fury / i vs Shift )as they …

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TF2CSA First Cup Series Goes Live “Koth Kup”

The Cup goes live….. The group stage starts today, Thursday 13th of May, and will end on Friday 28th of May. By then all the teams must have played all their games (playing each team once=6 total). The top 4 will go to the semi finals (1st vs 4th & 2nd vs 3rd) on Sunday …

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KOTH “Viaduct 6v6 v1” Kup

Announcing the KOTH Kup To sustain the momentum generated from the first TF2 6v6 competition and plug the gap before the second TF2 6v6 competition starts, the TF2CSA Team would like to announce sign-ups are currently open for the forthcoming Koth “6v6 v1” Kup.  This is a small tournament aimed at introducing new teams and …

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