Let The PUG Begin!

The local TF2 competitive community is getting a new feature in the rsa.tf Discord Server, a bot has been created to run Pick-Up Games and is looking very good so far.

Over the past few weeks Russ and skiba have been developing and testing a new Pick-up Game (pug) system which is now open for everyone to use. A pug is an informal way of playing competitive TF2 with other community members.

@Miss Pauling #pug bot
@Miss Pauling #pug bot

This system works using a bot, @Miss Pauling, to manage players added to a game. If you would like to participate, head on over to #pug and wait for an admin to !start a game after which you can !add or !remove from the game. Once we have reached the desired number of players, @Miss Pauling will do a 60 second countdown (for people to leave if they wish) and then PM all added players a connection link to join the server with the server password in the URL. The bot handles server designation and map choice, these things will not be changed once in game, if you would like a certain map to be played, discuss the map choice amongst yourselves and then get an admin to change the map with the bot.

Once a game is full the bot will PM a message to each of the participating players with the details to join the server.

After every player joins the server two people will need to volunteer to be captains and the rest will go to spectators, as a captain you will be doing do the picking of players from the remaining players. The captains then head to middle of the map as Demoman equipped with either a Bottle or a re-skin of the bottle and they have a melee fight. The person who wins the fight gets to pick first from the pool of players in the pug one player at the time with each captain taking a turn and when the losing captain gets to his 5th pick he gets to pick his 5th and 6th player at the same time. Once both teams have been chosen you ready-up and play the game.

List of commands you can use with Miss Pauling
List of commands you can use with Miss Pauling

Please keep in mind two things:

1) This is the first iteration of @Miss Pauling – We have a lot of development in the works. Right now we won’t be accepting feature requests until we clear out our planned backlog.

2) By making use of @Miss Pauling and the rsa.tf servers, you acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Service: https://rsa.tf/tos.html

Please note that there is voice channels for use during pugs. Before teams have been chosen we can all congregate in the “TEAM SELECTION” channel, once you have been chosen and before the game starts then please move to “PUG | BLU” or “PUG | RED” channels depending on the team you were picked for.

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  1. Cool, curious to see how it works in game

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