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Let The PUG Begin!

The local TF2 competitive community is getting a new feature in the Discord Server, a bot has been created to run Pick-Up Games and is looking very good so far. Over the past few weeks Russ and skiba have been developing and testing a new Pick-up Game (pug) system which is now open for …

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“Batterup!” (Meet The Scout – Tier I)

Once upon a time “Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, the Scout is a fast running scrapper with a baseball bat and a snarky ‘in-your-face’ attitude. He is very rude, and seems to think he can handle anything. He often acts a lot tougher than he can actually prove to be, though he’s certainly not …

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Return of The Class Articles… from Scattergun to Revolver!


Greetings TF2 addicts! Most of us remember and love the class articles Lola provided us some time ago. Well I, DaveyG, have the great honor of bringing them all back to you!

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Another Newcomer Guide for 6v6 Part 1

This is heavily based on the ETF2L Newcomer Guide, and all credit goes to them.¬†Source: 6v6 Newcomer Guide Hey there! If you are new to competitive 6v6 ¬†you have come to the right place. This is just a friendly introduction for the essentials. This might look like a wall of text, but it contains …

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