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“Un-freakin’-touchable! Dat’s what I’m talkin about!”

The Scout is a scrapper from Boston, Massachusetts with a baseball bat and a mean attitude. He’s the fastest mercenary on the battlefield, and his double jump leaves slower opponents struggling to keep up. Carrying a Scattergun, the Scout is ideal for aggressive fighting and flanking, allowing him to inflict massive close-range damage before dashing …

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It was 9 vs 9 Baby!

Sunday 30 October 2011 saw the finals of tf2csa Highlander V2. The match was shoutcasted by the legendary “rager” Skillbill and Andy. Let’s take a closer look at our two finalists, and some of the most exciting moments.

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/Query Comedian and Salamancer

Lazar 'Comedian' Jovic & Eric 'Salamancer' Smalley, TF2's shoutcasters!

On Sunday, 9 October 2011,  competitive Team Fortress 2 (TF2) for South Africa (S.A) changed forever. The final match for the 16bit TF2 Face Off competition was shoutcasted by two of the most well known shoutcasters in Team Fortress. The attention we received from viewers globally added to the excitement and overall adrenaline as vinTage …

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Meet The Troops

Meet the – old and new – army of brave, emo-less, intelligent, cool-headed, imaginative, non-abusive and above all else hard working admins & staff that keep your game running smoothly and without incident on IS and TF2CSA 😉 This group of people have assembled to serve as a governing body over Team Fortress 2 in …

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