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/Query Comedian and Salamancer

Lazar 'Comedian' Jovic & Eric 'Salamancer' Smalley, TF2's shoutcasters!

On Sunday, 9 October 2011,  competitive Team Fortress 2 (TF2) for South Africa (S.A) changed forever. The final match for the 16bit TF2 Face Off competition was shoutcasted by two of the most well known shoutcasters in Team Fortress. The attention we received from viewers globally added to the excitement and overall adrenaline as vinTage …

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ETF2L: Season 10

Bored of actually playing TF2? Want to enjoy a great fantastic self-made dinner and learn some extra info on TF2 competitive? Winning online cups? It’s dabest ETF2L, the biggest Team Fortress 2 league in Europe, has published their divisions and what an exciting season this will be. With the premier division actually being Top8 TF2 teams to compete for that number …

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