The 16Bit TF2 X-Mas Invitational

16Bit TF2 in collaboration with TF2CSA present the very first X-Mas Lower Tier Invitational 6 vs 6 competition. After the great dedication shown from the lower tier teams we have invited 6 teams to compete against each other for a cash prize this holiday season.

The group stages will kick off on 4 December and the finals will be on 11 December at 7pm. The format to be played is the Best of Three (BO3) format.

In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, TF2CSA is awarding small prizes for this competition. The winning team will earn R2100 (R350/player, bank details for each player must be given to Lola, prize money will be paid out on 12 December 2011.) The runner up team will get 6 hats (hats will be given to the team captain who will distribute them to his team.)

Meet the teams

PanZy CrushorZ – (pcZ)

Not many of you might know the clan called ‘PanZy CrushorZ’ (pcZ). Currently they are the longest standing clan in TF2 SA history. They were created on March 8 2009 and have played in every competition they could enter.  This team is known for their courageous hearts, impenetrable high spirits, for never saying no to a challenge and for always being gentleman.

They approached me and begged to give them a lower tier only competition to end off the year. They threw money at me, flashed their ‘Pretty in Pink’ avatars around… How could I say no?!?

Pretty in Pink line up

  • Zephon  (captain)
  • Bl1nd (vice captain)
  • UltiXorZ
  • GoldenPantsMan
  • Point_Blank
  • Phenix
  • Peng
  • InHumaN

LeGioN – |LgN|

This team is fairly new to the TF2 competitive scene. They have the legendary medic ‘Seamonkey’ as part of the line up. They also recently added Nick ‘bluNt’ Wilkens who is well known in the Quake Live community for his rocket launcher skills. Their dedication to improving their skill level by playing regular pickups has made them a team not to be underestimated.

LeGioN-Mix line up

  • sLicK (captain)
  • seamonkey
  • bluNt
  • legacy
  • Jeff
  • Da Pastry
  • d4n (sub)

Electronic All Stars – ‘eAs’

Duck is famous for his deadly bow. In the recent Highlander V2 competition he earned the ‘memorable moment’ in the finals by taking out an engineer, sentry gun and scout on his own, armed with only his bow. His interest in competitive TF2 was sparked and with just a small nudge he was convinced to give 6 vs 6 a go. His team consists entirely of pubbers, we wish them all the best in the (sometimes) harsh world of competitive TF2 in South Africa.

Electronic All Stars line up

  • Duck (captain)
  • GregoryF
  • Heckers (sub)
  • bOOm
  • Zeph
  • SpOOn
  • Rija

Unbelievably Friendly Outsiders (UFO)

This team played in the recent Highlander V2 Cup. We saw some extraordinary game play from this mostly pub hero team as they walked over the competition and ended up playing in the finals. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the stricter 6 vs 6 format. Unlike Prime (see below), UFO have no problem publicising their top-secret-on-a-need-to-know-basis-only competitive player: Alien.

UFO line up

  • LikaLota (captain)
  • Shooter / Evil Clown (sub)
  • Acrobat
  • noobstick
  • Splat
  • CaRty
  • Alien


This team’s name should rather be ‘Rage’, since its founder is Whisp. His rage has scared away many a ‘wide eyed’ newbie from playing TF2 competitive and his teamies can verify that he is given to moments of utter rage.  I will definitely keep a close eye on the development of this pub team, all the best and don’t take it personally 😉

R@pe line up

  • Whisp (captain)
  • Lycan
  • tr@in
  • Yang
  • Geno
  • xMattx


This team boasts having one of the best TF2 competitive players on board. He previously played in a clan that were undefeated for a very long time. At this stage his true identity will be kept secret due to the possibility of it causing total fear and even lead to opponents canceling matches. Under his mentoring this team can definitely become a force to be reckoned with.

PRIME line up

  • Ulfr (captain)
  • Xombi
  • Acidman
  • Alphabet
  • Wasabi
  • Tokkelos
  • Gimlief

Competition rules

Round robin all teams will play each other once.

The top 2 teams will qualify to the finals to be played as B03.

Each match is played over 2 maps, and the result is worked out over both maps.

  •  To win you must win both or win one and tie the other
  • To lose you must lose both or lose one and tie the other
  •  To draw you must tie both or win one and lose the other

Map pool

  • Badlands 
  • Freight
  • Granary 
  • Gullywash
Fixtures will be assigned by the tournament admins,(Lola & RazerFox), Zephon and Geno is also available as admins should Lola and RazerFox not be online.

Info and rules

  • Team Captains MUST have read the Cup Rules.
  • Players must play under the nicks they have registered with.
  • All participants must make sure that they have their TF2 in working condition. Players won’t be given any extra time to fix their game or Steam.
  • Subs allowed as long as they are not taking part for any other team on the competition and cannot sub for more than one team on the competition.
  • Subs must be approved by Lola

Match rules

  • Normal Gamemode: 6on6
  • Class limits: 1 medic, 1 demo, 1 heavy, 2 of the rest
  • Minimum of 5 players needed to play a match
  • Win limit = Point difference of 5
  • Time limit 30 minutes for all non-Stop-Watch-Maps
  • Golden Cap if required will be played with a time limit of 10 minutes and if no team wins the round in time the winner will be the team that has possession of the mid point.

Note: Golden cap will only be required for the finals as they will be played as Best of 3 maps.

 Have a look at the general TF2 rules here.

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R@pe vs PRIME 

Finals BO3 7PM

STV tba

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10 years ago


PRIME (2) vs UFO (2)

PRIME (1) vs UFO (1)

eAs vs UFO

eAs forfeit match.

10 years ago

Great match last night!

The scouts really made things difficult for us – Well done Acid & Scorpie! You certainly got your pound of MEAT out of me…

10 years ago

Plz fix the STV!!!Can’t wait for tonights final! 😀

10 years ago


Badlands 4-2 PRIME Win
Granary 5-0 r@pe Win

Goldfox won bottle round and chose Gullywash, where r@pe won 5-1.

WP all thanks for the game, thought you guys had it after badlands, props to my team for coming back the way you did! You’re all champions!

10 years ago

Thanks very much to the organizers and other teams for participating! Was a great tournament and much fun was had!

GG all and WP 🙂

10 years ago

Well played to R@PE. Thanks to the organizers, do want more of this!:)

GG ‘n’ WP

10 years ago

yep, thoroughly enjoyed it.

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