It was 9 vs 9 Baby!

Sunday 30 October 2011 saw the finals of tf2csa Highlander V2. The match was shoutcasted by the legendary “rager” Skillbill and Andy. Let’s take a closer look at our two finalists, and some of the most exciting moments.

ETF2L Highlander

Team Biltong Buddies [BB]

On the favourite side, with seventeen votes to win was [BB], with six competitive players and three pub hero’s. The line up consisted of, Kung Fu (captain) on Demoman, Heckers on Soldier, Spaaaaace on Spy, Duck on Sniper, Fair on Heavy, X on Scout, CromaT on Medic, Da_Pastry on Pyro and Pooman_Sam on Engineer.

Team Unbelievable Friendly Outsiders (UFO)

With ten votes to win we had the underdogs, UFO, with only three competitive players and six pub hero’s. The line up consisted off, LikaLota… (captain) on Pyro, Alien on Sniper, Acrobat on Soldier, CaRty on Spy, Baron on Engineer, SpOOn on Medic, Semper on Demoman, Seamonkey on Scout, and (El)apid on Heavy.

Map 1: Upward

Upward is a Payload map with multiple control points in the same round. The Blu team’s primary goal is to guide the cart on its tracks throughout the map. By continuously pushing the cart forward and breaking through Red’s defensive positions, the bomb will detonate and the Blu team will be victorious. Failure to push the cart forward by having team mates near it will eventually result in the cart slowly moving backwards after a period of time, eroding your team’s past progress. Opposite the Blu team’s objective, the team function of Red, as a group, is to deter and stall the Blu team and prevent them from advancing the bomb to its final destination. By fighting off their opposition for a long enough period of time, the Red team will be victorious.

UFO had CaRty as Heavy vs Fair to box out for the choice of defence or attack. CaRty is a legend when it comes to all things Heavy, so it was no surprise when he walked over Fair. UFO chose to play as Red and defend first.

Gameplay with UFO on defence and BB on attack

Kung Fu taking out 6 UFO players, BB pushes to last. Notice CaRty jumping in from behind.

BB’s strategy throughout the map was to keep as many players on the cart and to ‘focus attack’ on the UFO players that would be a threat to the consistent moving of the cart. Their experience as competitive players with regards to the calling of enemy player positions and threat level greatly assisted them in executing this strategy.

Unforgettable moment

At the final control point Kung Fu and CromaT took out almost the whole UFO with kritz. BB pushed the cart right up to the ramp, but just as it was about to fall into the pit, CaRty managed to back stab three players and got a kill assist, hereby giving his team the time they needed to re-spawn. UFO then pulled off a heroic defence. They managed to keep the whole of BB away from the entry into final cap. Da_Pastry flanked UFO and managed to push the cart a second or two, but he was stopped by great teamwork from Acrobat who got a rocket bounce and Alien who finished him off with a terrific sniper air shot.

How it ended

Acrobat bouncing Da_Pastry and Alien finishing him off with a sniper air shot.

BB had Fair do a bottom flank to take out SpOOn, this was seen and called by Semper, but UFO failed to respond in time and lost their medic. Once again Kung Fu and CromaT used kritz and took out two more UFO players. This final pushed was executed to perfection as the rest of BB pushed as 1 unit and managed to set the cap time at 9:20.

Game play UFO on attack and BB on defence

CaRty takes out three BB players (Fair not in shot) and stops the final cap.

UFO’s attack strategy was very different to BB’s. They had fewer players on the cart pushing and focused more on a death match attack style. This resulted in BB picking off UFO players one-by-one with a unified defensive front. From the third cap they changed their strategy to more players on the cart pushing and almost managed to pull of a win.

Unforgettable moments.

We saw one of the most entertaining and extraordinary Spy moments in TF2CSA by CaRty. He threw the whole of BB into complete disarray throughout the attack, and at times caused their communication to melt down to a frantic “Guys our medic again!” refrain.

How it ended

With CaRty causing havoc in the BB ranks, UFO managed to keep a unified non stop push on the cart right from third to the final cap. With the twenty five second announcement the cart was in the final cap area, but BB just managed to hold them on the ramp for those few crucial seconds.


Although BB had the much stronger competitive player line up, UFO almost managed to beat them. The difference wasn’t in the higher skill level, but rather in the better communication that is learned from playing competitive TF2. With just a slight improvement in calling, I’m sure we can expect to see a pub team winning Highlander. This was an exciting and entertaining match to watch, well played!

Map 2: Turbine

Turbine is a Capture the Flag (CTF) map. To win, the player’s team must capture the opposing team’s intelligence. Winning is either by 1st team to cap 5, or by most caps in thirty minutes.


Duck taking out the engineer, his sentry gun and then the scout.

UFO managed to pull of the very first cap, but thereafter BB just kept up wave after wave of attack on UFO’s intelligence, and managed to pull of five consecutive caps. BB played very aggressive throughout the match and kept UFO on defence most of the time. Both sides had players making unnecessary mistakes, like ubers failing, not calling enemy positions and an overall breakdown in proper communication. UFO did manage to secure the middle section a couple of times, but they couldn’t manage to capture the intelligence. With a final score ofΒ  5:1 in less than thirty minutes, BB secured the overall title 2-0 and are deserved winners of TF2CSA Highlander V2.

Unforgettable moments

Da_Pastry pulled of some fancy Pyro Blow Jobs, but it was’ Duck with the Bow’ that gets my Unforgettable Moment. While the whole of his team was pushing on the right side up the steps, he took on the Engineer alone. He managed to kill the Engineer, then take out the Sentry Gun, pushed through to intelligence on less than 60 health, killed seamonkey and was finally killed by Alien as he was trying to cap. Hax is all I’m sayingΒ  πŸ˜‰

Final word from event organiser, RazerFox

β€œHaving eight teams of nine players each can be considered a really good turn out, and from next year we will run Highlander tournaments more often. Hopefully with the popularity of this game mode we could implement a ladder system for Highlander teams that would like to dedicate their time to growing this mode of competitive play. I would like to thank everyone that took part in this competition and I hope to see more players from both pub and comp join in next year.”

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10 years ago

UFO had a great time and on behalf of the team I would like to thank everyone involved in organising the competition and especially RazerFox for all his work at making TF2CSA so great!

Well played to [BB]. We’ll be back for a revenge match next time πŸ™‚

Thanks Lola, as always for a superlative post. You are a true asset to TF2CSA – thank you for all the hard work.

10 years ago

I have to say there wer some real touch and go moments in each map, UFO put up a superb front and didn’t let up once.

Those final moments on upward with the carts nose touching the cap point, and mere seconds on the clock, just made for an absolutly sublime game.

My thanks go out to both BB and UFO, everyone made it a really enjoyable experience.

As a final note, the post has been wondefuly written Lola, you’ve really managed to capture every aspect of the games and put them into words, bravo!

10 years ago

Great write-up Lola, Well played UFO. Please this has to happen again πŸ™‚ Thanks again to the TF2CSA team who took time and effort organizing this.

10 years ago

I don’t suppose there is a frag vid in the works?

10 years ago

gg BB – You guys kept the pressure on from the get go and we really never got to enjoy our roasted Duck ;p Well maybe Lika had some…

This was my first Highlander and this format is a lot of fun. I’m already looking forward to the next competition – well done all the organisers of this event!

Great article and summary of the key events during our gameplay Lola! We need more screenshots :p

10 years ago

Well I was wanting to make a compilation of all the best kills/situations of the highlander comp. Im still awaiting any reference as to where I can access and download the demo files so I can start producing.
Any help please?

Reply to  Razerfox
10 years ago

Thanks a lot ! Gona get started soon. Expect it done by next week Monday.

10 years ago

Yay awesome stuff Lola!!! Really well done resume of the finals.

Maybe there was not enough blow jobs but it was a good final πŸ˜›

KunG Fu
10 years ago

Whooooohooooo, wp played UFO. Was lots of fun, thanks again to everyone for organising.

Well done on the write-up Lola,

Can’t wait for the next one! Looking forward to that revenge LikaLota. πŸ™‚

10 years ago

Well Played all very good game

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