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Meet The Troops

Meet the – old and new – army of brave, emo-less, intelligent, cool-headed, imaginative, non-abusive and above all else hard working admins & staff that keep your game running smoothly and without incident on IS and TF2CSA 😉 This group of people have assembled to serve as a governing body over Team Fortress 2 in …

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What the Captains have to say.

Lola tracks down four great captains whose clans participated in the first 16Bit TF2 One Night Cup.  Join her for an insightful read into how they experience gaming in Team Fortress 2. Leandre ‘LeaRox’ van Bosch; Marc ‘Surge’ du Plessis, Yasser ‘Xt3rminator’ Padia; and Danie ‘Heckers’ Nell share their input, views, gaming history and TF2 experiences. …

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