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“How the pro’s frag”

Meet the soldier. “I have personally killed 6,578 men in cold blood while looking them in the eye; jumped on 1,336 live grenades; and stuffed fourteen feet of my own intestine back into my stomach.If that doesn’t scare you out of your frilly pink leotards, guess what: You are an idiot and you hate America.” …

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What the Captains have to say.

Lola tracks down four great captains whose clans participated in the¬†first 16Bit TF2 One Night Cup.¬† Join her for an insightful read into how they experience gaming in Team Fortress 2. Leandre ‘LeaRox’ van Bosch; Marc ‘Surge’ du Plessis, Yasser ‘Xt3rminator’ Padia; and Danie ‘Heckers’ Nell share their input, views, gaming history and TF2 experiences. …

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Interview with Yolanda “Lolita” Green

For the next couple of interviews I, Lola, will be talking to different people across the gaming community, covering a variety of subjects. My reason for doing this is to expose the “very secluded” TF2CSA to the broader gaming community. My first interview is with Yolanda ‘Lolita’ Green. Her popularity, contacts and knowledge of the …

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