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“How the pro’s frag”

Meet the soldier. “I have personally killed 6,578 men in cold blood while looking them in the eye; jumped on 1,336 live grenades; and stuffed fourteen feet of my own intestine back into my stomach.If that doesn’t scare you out of your frilly pink leotards, guess what: You are an idiot and you hate America.” …

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Interview with Raliator

Info Nick Name: Raliator Full Name: Devon Williams Age: 19 Location: Johannesburg Class: Soldier Clan: swift Favorites Single Player games: Osu, Mortal Kombat. Online Games: Team Fortress 2, HoN. Music Artists: Crookers, Tiesto, Pakito, Fresh, Bloody Beetroots, Hixxy And Re-con, Linkin Park, Lonely island, Pendulum, Prodigy, Geoff NRG, A1 Bassline, B-Complex. Song: B-Complex, Beautiful Lies. …

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