Interview with Raliator


Nick Name: Raliator

Full Name: Devon Williams

Age: 19

Location: Johannesburg

Class: Soldier

Clan: swift


Single Player games: Osu, Mortal Kombat.

Online Games: Team Fortress 2, HoN.

Music Artists: Crookers, Tiesto, Pakito, Fresh, Bloody Beetroots, Hixxy And Re-con, Linkin Park, Lonely island, Pendulum, Prodigy, Geoff NRG, A1 Bassline, B-Complex.

Song: B-Complex, Beautiful Lies.

TV Series: Heroes/How I met your mother.

Movies: Fight Club, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan!, The longest yard, Balls of fury, Super Troopers, Beerfest, Starship troopers, Mortal Kombat.

Team Fortress 2

Favorite Class and why you decided to play it: Soldier, I play it because for me the thrill of getting mid airs, flicks and bouncing players seem to be the most fun in TF2, not only is it a sturdy class, but it has the ability to be a damaging force. Usually the class to be ubered in a pickup/clannie, also a responsibility is placed on you here. Lots of jumping involvedΒ  and then there is always the bragging rights of getting midairs.

Your favorite players: My clanmates. But other than them, Wir, Fragga, carnaGe, Jaeger and Reptile. They have great skill, and their ability, to read people’s playstyles is top quality. Really enjoyable to watch.

Most Kills in one round: 80 something on pub lol πŸ˜€

Best moment in TF2 and why: Getting a double mid air on exfane in the Fakkelbrigade vs Team SA match, it was really momentous. And any of the triple mid airs, they don’t come by often, so they’re always great fun to get. Besides those, probably seeing how many players and clans have come and gone, and eventually we’re getting it together trying to get proper league structures etc setup. I guess we’re coming into my best TF2 moment. πŸ™‚

Rate: 30000
Cmdrate: 66
Updaterate: 60
Interp: 0.0166
Frag Vidz: Coming soon I guess :3

A bit about yourself

I’m currently in Varsity.Out of Varsity, I have a variety of part time jobs, I like gaming, going out and probably chilling with friends. I’m usually pretty calm, I whine ingame when I think something is bs (I should really learn not to :P) I’m a friendly person and most people seem to like me after meeting me in person (Besides serpent) πŸ˜€

I try not let things get to me ingame, but sometimes with irl issues it does get to me, and for this, I’m sorry to those that I have raged at online (Scuba this includes you :D).
I enjoy striving to be the best possible, and hope someday, to get there(again)

Gaming Gear

CPU: Core 2 duo @ 2.13GHz
Motherboard: ASUS something or other, I won it a long time ago πŸ™
Graphics Card: Nvidia 8800 GTX
Monitor: ASUS something or other again, I won it with the motherboard :3
Mouse and DPI + In-game sensitivity: Razer Lachesis, 2.0 ingame. (although I mid-aired better with 2.5)
Keyboard: Genius keyboard, doesn’t even have a make, it costs R20. πŸ˜›

Advice for new players

Get started with the basics. Unless you are a really good FPS player, and you pick up gaming techniques quickly, I wouldn’t suggest jumping straight into pickups. Yes, you might have the aim of a beast, but if you don’t know whats going on, you can cost valuable mistakes and thus ruin a pickup for the other 5 team-mates.

Start off in public, learn how to play, what class does what, learn tips and tricks on how to play the game, try out each class and find what class you enjoy, once you have that down learn to play it properly if its soldier learn to rocket jump, if its demo learn to aim with pipes (I still haven’t got that right), but focus on what you want to be good at, I’m not saying only play that but make that class a priority if you plan to get really good at it.

After that start by playing pickups, there is a great guide on how to get started for pickups on this website, once you have your class chances are you might get put on medic on a stronger side but don’t worry you can learn while you play, see what you must do and learn from the more experienced players along side you.

The more pickups you play, ultimately, the better suited your mind will be for clannies, you learn the strategies, the playstyles, the tricks, and how to be a sneaky bush buck.

Once you have pickups under control its just practice practice practice and you’ll see improvement, maybe not instantly, but it will come. We’re trying to support players into the pickup community, so it’d be great if you did at least try.

There is always players around who are willing to help, you just have to scout them out we’re out there. They’ll give you advice, and try teach where you are not able to keep up.Β  International demos are a great way of learning playstyles, and figuring out routes/strategies. They can build great technique and can give you a wealth of knowledge. DONT watch a frag video and think that the player must be god, the frag video is a selection of their best clips, they don’t hit every single shot like that all the time so don’t stress or idolize these people πŸ˜‰ You have the ability to be that good!

And finally finding a clan, I’ve seen in cod4 players make clans very quickly and I feel like this could be good if we could get the competitive community bigger, then we could have clans at all different stages of skill to play against. But sadly, the state of the competitive community is small at the moment and desperately needs to be improved. So either get all your mates to start a clan,Β  practice hard together and DONT disband after 1 loss or a humiliating defeat because everyone has been there the point is to get past it and once you’re there you’re home free.

Hopefully this inspires some young minds to come and play, as watching Wir getting midair’s on zimmy is starting to get on my nerves, we need fresh meat! πŸ˜€
Check ya on the servers ;D

swift/Raliator_ (Is da best how much?) From the sneaky bush buck attack squadron.

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12 years ago

Eh, wow, well said.. πŸ™‚

12 years ago

Agreed with Peng

12 years ago

u r so good lol =)

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