Interview: Bubbles & Lolita from Mixed Chicks

Pyro chickHot off the press… down the wires… over the wi-fi… through the Ethernet and slamming hard into your PC comes this exclusive interview with Bubbles and Lolita from Mixed Chicks.  Previously we heard about Mixed Chicks, South Africa’s largest all female online Gaming Organisation. Now hear more about the founders – Yolanda “Lolita” Green and Daniela “Bubbles” Rust – from the founders.

TF2CSA: Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. What sparked you to create a Chicks only MGO?

We were having a nice weekend together at MPLD ( Monthly Pretoria LAN), and were having some drinks and kinda started joking about it – you know, starting one. On the following Monday we agreed to do it for real. Initially it was CoD4 team and three major gaming divisions CoD4, CSS and Warcraft. A few months later, we had had approximately 45 chicks!

Is Mixed Chicks participating in any Online Leagues at the moment?

None at the moment.

Do you think Mixed Chicks has a future with TF2?

We hope it does. We are working on creating some competitive teams in different gaming areas in preparation for next year. We would like to expand TF2 and become more involved.

During the December OC, TF2CSA is running a Draft LAN Competition, any chance MC will be there?

There would almost certainly be Mixed Chick girls present at OC this December.  I [Bubbles] will unfortunately be in Namibia but we are hoping to attend future OC’s. We would be really impressed if some of the MC girls participated in the TF2 Draft LAN competition.

What can the TF2 community do to help get Mixed Chicks more involved with TF2?

We are looking for more girls in the TF2 community, so if you know of any, it would be much appreciated if they could be directed to us.

TF2CSA: Thanks very much for the time and feedback. We’d like to wish MC all the best for the future.

More about Bubbles / BubZy

Full name: Daniela Rust
Location: Centurion, Gauteng
Clan: SuperNova


Single Player Games: I mostly play multi player games -but I enjoy any racing games such as NFS series;
Online Games: CoD4, HoN, DotA, UT2004 and TF2;
Music / Artist: Tiesto, David Guetta, Klaas, Muse and the like;
Song: Like a G6 by Far East Movement
TV series: House, How I met your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Scrubs;
Movie: Salt, Clash of Titans and of cours The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

A bit about yourself

I was born and grew up in Pretoria/Centurion. I Matriculated at the German School in Pretoria (yes, I am German speaking). In 2005 went to study Law (LLB) at University of Pretoria/TUKS and graduated in 2008. I am currently finishing my articles and hope to be admitted as an attorney by the beginning of next year.

I have been gaming since 2006. My first game was DotA. I’ve played CoD4 since last year August and now manage my own 1st division team in the do Gaming league. I absolutely love being a gamer and have made the most awesome friends and met some great people through gaming (like Lolita of course!)

Gaming gear

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9650
Motherboard: P5Ql
Graphics Card: Geforce 9800 GT
Monitor: Samsung P2450 24”
Mouse and DPI + In-game sensitivity: Sentinel Advance 0.8-1
Keyboard: Cheapy from Rage

More about Lolita

Full name: Yolanda Green
Location: Centurion, Gauteng
Clan: iMpulse gaming


Single player games: Portal, Assasins Creed series, Prototype, Prince of Persia;
On-line games:     CoD4, World of warcraft, Quake Live, TF2 ( even thoug i just started ) Sc2 TD ;
Music / Artist:    KoRn, Slipknot, Metallica, Audioslave, Disturbed. My favourite DJ is Calvin Harris;
Song:    A toss up between Queens of the Stone Age – No one Knows ( unkle remix ) and Sanitarium – Limp Bizkit MTV Icons cover;
TV Series: True Blood;
Movie: The godfather series.

A bit about yourself

I am a mother of two awesome baby boys. I currently enjoy gaming as a major part of my life. My work is very web centric. I do web site development, web site administration and content management. I created the Mixed Chicks website as well as the iMpulse gaMing website. I have not studied formally for this kind of thing but I am doing a lot of self study to improve my skills. I am on the AGASA committee for the Telkom do Gaming Leagues and enjoy writing about gaming in my spare time. Otherwise I like to sketch, play around on photoshop and spend time with friends.

Gaming Gear

CPU: AMD 6000+
Motherboard: Motherboard AS rock
RAM: 2GB gaming RAM
Graphics card: GFX Nvidia 8800
Monitor: Samsung 22 inch LCD
Mouse and DPI + In-game sensitivity: 1.2 dpi 1800 roccat copperhead
Keyboard: Logitech G19

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What sparked you to create a Chicks only MGO

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11 years ago

Hello and welcome!

Awesome to see new blood in TF2. I hope to see more of Bubbles and Lolita in TF2 soonish. 😀
Good luck.


11 years ago

Awesome stuff, good to know more about people that play online. Should do more interviews 😀

11 years ago

This sounds amazing! I really hope that mC spread to TF2, nice exposure to the other games. I will definitely be willing to help them where I can 🙂

11 years ago

Welcome to the community.
Hope you guys enjoy it and stick it out – Always good to have fresh canon fodder… er… I mean competition 🙂

11 years ago

Always great to have new faces around, and with such a string of achievments too! Heres hoping youll all feel right at home here, look forward to seeing you on the servers 😀

11 years ago

Im really excited to see you gals play a bit of TF2, i think it needs a bit of new blood and competition, wish you gals all the best and hope to see you all at OC:)

11 years ago

Great more people to beat the stuffing out of me in TF2 ………..:P
Epic to see some more new blood in tf2

11 years ago

Hi there ladies 🙂 Have fun and welcome to the TF2 side of the world….

KunG Fu
11 years ago

Hi and Welcome the community,

Nice to see new ppl taking interest in TF2, you will find more than enough friendly and helpful ppl around to assist you girls with anything.

Hope you going to enjoy TF2 as much as we do!

11 years ago

GrimAndy, lols.

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