TF2 LAN @ OC December 2010

What's greater than the Heavy's gut …  Sharper than the sniper's wit …  More devastating than the demoman's bottle …

Announcing the first ever official TF2 LAN competition!

Maggots!Attention! TF2 SA team, in association with Organised Chaos (OC) LAN proudly presents South Africa's first official LAN competition. Taking place during the December OC LAN 2010, winners will walk away with at least R3000 cash as the main prize.  Now that's nothing to sneeze at, hippies.

Are you listening?  The competition's format will follow the direction of the TF2CSA DRAFT league.  Confirmed entrants will be categorised according to skill level and captains will then choose the rest of their team members to ensure the event and all teams are as balanced as possible.

So dear maggot's. Think you're man enough to be a team captain? Can you steer your team to combat glory?  Applications for team captains are now open by e-mailing . Make sure you explain why such a lowlife as yourself thinks he (or she) can be a captain.

The mess hall will be open for braaing and partying from 19:00, sharp, on Saturday night so ensure your boots are polished before presenting yourself to meet with the TF2 guys so you can get to know one another better and have some fun together!

Location is not limited to Cape Town. We welcome those worthy combatants from across the great  country of South Africa.  The more maggots to frag the more fun. Do you understand that?

If you want to fight like a man and know you will be attending the LAN, send an e-mail to . Make sure you include your Steam nickname, address and contact information.

When 3 December 2010
Where OC Lan at the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town
Game rules 6v6 Draft teams
Entry fee R100 per team


Cuh-rit! First place wins R3000. Spot prizes will be awarded for thinks like “best midair”;“kill streak”; “team save” and so on and so forth.  These prizes include hard drives, RAM, mouse pads, bandwidth cap

Watch this space for additional information on how to go about registering and paying for your pre-booked seats.

You've done me proud, boys!

TF2 PDF iconThis article is also available as a free, full colour, downloadable promotional poster. Use it to mail your bleeder friends and tell them about this awesome event.


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  1. :):)

    Come guys lets make this a Success:)

  2. Awesome stuff… Wooo I’ll take my gstring to feel confortable at CT XD

  3. i honestly cant wait! OMG! whooo

  4. its gonna be JIZZ-alicious!

  5. This should be amazing, will make this a priority!! What date is OC in December?

  6. 3rd december

  7. This is going to be awesome! Will be there. Quick question is it going to be exactly like draft league(the way it was chosen) and do we have to sign up via e-mail or can we sign up at OC?

  8. Similar to draft, but this time on 6 players per team and offcourse players that have confirmed that they will be there. It will be done via a forum either on or

    Teams will be pre-picked by captains. but last minute team entries will be allowed I guess. The reason for pre-teams is so that the team can prac a bit online together and so that its more organised.

  9. Should be some fun 🙂
    Too long to wait though 🙁


  11. SHWEET , Im going to ninja myself there and then ninja myself the day after OC to Plett Rage hopefully XD

    Should be epic……

  12. MASSIVE thank you to the team and the OC regulars that obviously have been and will be putting in a lot of effort to make these awesome competitions a reality. Everyone knows there wouldn’t be a real community left without you guys.

    But I think it must be said that future competitions should not follow the direction of draft leagues.

    Now I know there’s very good reasoning for choosing to use the draft-team format: The local TF2 community has never had a LAN competition before, and it’s not likely that enough teams from the surrounding Western Cape will show up for a decent competition. So it’s sensible to use this format for experimental reasons.

    However, a line needs to be drawn.

    For far too long there’s been a bigger incentive to improve one’s individual skill, as opposed to improving and growing as a team. This has been obvious for a long time, with teams happy to play with 2 or more substitutes on a regular basis (because of disorganisation), and players being much more willing to organise pugs and mixes instead of organising scrims with their team.

    Draft leagues basically reward players like the above and limit players who’ve dedicated their time in TF2 to improve their team-play and co-ordination with their team-mates.

    Now, before anyone says: “lol joint you’re just complaining because @ can’t play in this competition.”
    I can assure you I’ve been much more interested in this team-orientated sentiment ever since I got the opportunity to join a team.

    I also believe I have a very sound idea on how a team-based game should be approached when one wants to derive as much success and enjoyment out of it as one can.

    The reason for this is because, I’ve been attempting to do the aforementioned since mid-2008, and I’ve finally succeeded in doing so since mid-2010.

    When I joined my first clan, The Turbulance, and played my very first TF2 scrim on Dustbowl, the first thing I thought was: “This is good fun. We should do this more often.”

    By late-2008, that sentiment had become a tangible conviction, whereby my first thought on TF2 was: “Playing for a team is awesome because being a good team-player is the most fun aspect of this game.”

    By this time I was introduced to the local pickup system and met many merry friends that shared the same sentiment that I did.

    The problem was that these merry friends were never my team-mates. But it didn’t stop me from enjoying every game I had with my teams. When a 0-9 defeat was thrown at us, we could at least enjoy the fact that we played together as a team, some of us, at least.

    Thankfully, I’ve met many more merry friends, and even found a team of them, where I fit right in.

    Long story short, we’re facing a lack of merry friends in our local community right now, and should strive to find the merry friend within ourselves to have a correctly placed focus on team-building, rather than frag-hunting and top-scoring.

    Not to demean Draft-leagues, but you get the point by now.

    I didn’t sign up to play Individual Fortress 2, and I know I’m not alone. As much as this helps players who are having a hard time finding a team, it isn’t helping new teams to form either, for the said clanless players to partake in.

    Hosting cash-prize competitions for 6v6 teams in the future WILL encourage players to step-up their games and form teams that WILL practise on a regular basis as a TEAM.

    When you have the resources and means, TF2CSA, do the right thing; put the team back in TEAM fortress 2.

    tl;dr CU@OC BROS

  13. This post is telling players about the TF2 DRAFT LAN @ OC.

    If you want to propose something in the future to the TF2CSA team, please email

  14. Check Joint we are aware of what you are saying and to host a LAN with real teams would be the ideal but we know that won’t happen at this stage and we have other priorities in mind that will lead to a better competitive TF2 if everyone helps of course.

    The LAN at OC is the first step of some long term objectives that if achieved successfully and the community believes that TF2 has future in SA then we can host a proper LAN and invite full teams to take part on it.

    Let me try an explain the way we think and make it clear that “Individual Fortress 2” is not what we are looking after bro.

    # Ok just to remind you or let you know as you were inactive by then by the beginning of this year TF2 competitive was almost a ghost town when it came to teams and after the draft league held in January/February things sparked up a bit leading to 8 teams signing up for the 6v6 v1later in March. So as we preparing for a 6v6 v3 next year around March but with currently less than 10 stable teams we just want to keep things active and hopefully get players involved to create new teams for that competition. Draft leagues are more for “keeping the activity” rather than replacing real teams competitions there is no need to see it other way when we lack competitive teams and it might not generate alot of new teams but actually drags new faces to the competitive scene so is a filter process.

    # Also as we actually need to show up a good amount of active teams to try and get a chance on Dogaming Leagues and even get recognized by MGO’s though to be part of MGO’s the requirements are “good amount of competitive teams” and “be part of DoGaming Leagues”. If TF2 SA really wants to grow at the competitive level we have to aim for these 2 things as been the champion of TF2CSA competitions we just labeled as “community compt winners” and unfortunately that does not matter much for the rest of the SA Gaming Community but it’s a step for us (tf2 players) to build up quantity and quality and wait to be recognized by the current ruling local leagues ran by DoGaming. If we not there we still a ghost community and if we reach these 2 objectives I can tell you TF2 can become very solid with the SA gaming community once again like early 2008 but as “community issues” broke our “fun and friendship” here we are struggling after all this time.

    # The other thing out of the competitive part about this LAN is “Community Interactivity” really a lot of guys are looking forward to this to meet and have fun IRL not just TF2 related or competitive related but rather build up the “Fun and Friendship” that can unify our small community of TF2 players no matter from which team you are and so on.

    # Also just by having these event alredy creates some more added trust to the community like “TF2CSA host compts, LAN’s and give prizes” just a way to give motivation to keep players interested on the game and make worth the several hours that we have spent playing this game just for the fun of it. The problem we have is that some players put “competitive” above “friendship” and well we could say it’s normal to have a rivalry between teams but at the point of making players rage quit is really sad. So if we get together in LAN’s and build that friendship like I mentioned ealier we can get very far as long as we remember that is not worth to be in conflict with our fellows TF2 players because at the end it will hurt ourselves, a players less means a smaller community then less hope to grow.

    Put these things that I mentioned above together and you’ll know that our goal is what you wrote “When you have the resources and means, TF2CSA, do the right thing; put the team back in TEAM fortress 2.” we working on it Joint, just requires more co-operation from everyone and we can get back TF2 SA Competitive to a decent level. That’s the way I see it… 🙂

    I know players that say “I enjoy playing with my team only” and it’s right our team mates are usually our best friends on TF2, we chat, we have fun together, share stuff, all sort of things on a daily basis, etc and I understand that but unfortunately that “fun and friendship” is needed within everyone on the community is really what we need between teams to grow even more our teams base, not because the lack of skills and I know lot of players that have left, play randomly or still hanging on the competitive scene were/are not confortable all because “community issues”.

    Anyways I don’t think someone would have a problem to have a little challenge at the LAN to play Operator vs (with Best of the Rest) I think that everyone in TF2 SA respects Operator and still the team to beat so until we get a decent amount of teams to run a proper competitive LAN we could run a simultaneously challenge with the Draft Compt if everyone is keen of course. The draft winners(best of rest non operator players) vs Operator for the fun of it… As 5 out of 6 Operator players are based on CT I’m sure we could do it to close the year with a challenge for the champions.

    See you there guys I’ll be hitting CT wooooooo……!!!!!!!!

  15. There is talks of a TF2 6v6 LAN in JHB after V3. @ and all the other clans can look forward to that. But for now we are having some FuuuuuN.

  16. cu.there :]

  17. “As you can see, they shorten it to the point that they speak in acronyms. WTF is with that.”


  18. Dunno is just the fashion Grim but anyways…. Np’s brt 😛

    Andy brah hope you take some pro pics please 🙂 We know you da camera master! XD


  20. Writing is fun.
    Reading is not so much.

  21. fu guys, how about you all come to dbn instead.

  22. there was one there wikus. 2 teams pitched.

  23. my PC will get stolen notx

  24. Bunny Chow….DBN > CPT

  25. You guys win

  26. JHB > DBN + CPT


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