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You’ve done me proud, boys.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to write up this short article and give a big shout-out to the local TF2 players for the perseverance they have shown during the low-activity period due to exams and holiday plans. After seeing the pickup channel bustling with activity, getting up to its usual pace of game-making …

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Formal apology from #tf2 and tf2.co.za

This short article shall be an apology from myself on behalf of the tf2.co.za Admin Team as well as the local IRC channel, #tf2@shadowfire.org, for the absolutely unacceptable tomfoolery that ensued yesterday with regards to one of our own pickup admins actually hacking on our local servers. This article will also serve to clear up …

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Fragvids: Pugstars vol.1 and swift’s BOTCv2 Match Highlights by kaboos

Two frag vids that are deserving of the community’s attention: Pugstars vol.1 swift BOTCv2 Highlights Enjoy. More to soon follow! Players featured: kaboos, Wir and myself.

Community Request. Have your say, and we’ll make it happen.

Over the past few months, it has come to my attention that there are a large number of potentially successful competitive TF2 players in our local community, however, even with the incentive to improve, it appears they lack the means or knowledge of how to unlock that potential. For that reason, I present to you: …

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