Community Request. Have your say, and we’ll make it happen.

Over the past few months, it has come to my attention that there are a large number of potentially successful competitive TF2 players in our local community, however, even with the incentive to improve, it appears they lack the means or knowledge of how to unlock that potential.

For that reason, I present to you: Community Request. Here’s how it works:

  • Post a question or request, right here as a comment.
  • We answer it and/or make it happen.

Make sure you use a known alias so we can get back to you.

Questions and requests can range from anything from: how to improve you aim, how to stop sucking on a map like cp_granary, personal 1-on-1 help, any question on competitive TF2, class strategies, help-my-team requests, what to do on gravelpit, bring back certain maps, improve the pickup system, server requests, bring back highlander, you name it. We’ll make it happen.

To start things up, I’ve got a ready-made request that I feel a lot of players could make use of, if it garners enough support. I’ve been getting numerous messages on a weekly basis; players asking for help on a certain aspect of TF2, or just looking for some useful config and network settings and whatnot. As much as I enjoy helping each and every single player individually, it is inefficient and somewhat time-consuming.

For that reason, I’m going to start up TF2 lesson sessions. At least 6 players (a team can participate, optionally) can come to me with a similar topic, or just a general need for help or improvement, and I will organise a time and day, and have everyone get on a server and get cracking. (max. 12 players at a time, for the sake of convenience)

Like this idea? Post about it and let me know, in that case. And maybe throw in a topic for the lesson. When to push or fall back on pushmaps? What’s the best roll-out on cp_badlands? What is a roll-out? Want to be more specific with the topic? How about, how to aim projectiles properly? How to be more consistent with the Scout’s scattergun? If you want to get even more basic: the best methods to rocket- and sticky-jump, basic map strategies, the most simple and widespread dos and don’ts. Whatever it is, name it, and I’m confident I can help you improve and/or rectify whatever aspect or part of your TF2 experience you feel needs a helping hand.
I expect very basic requests, because that’s where I see most people going wrong. And these aren’t things that take a lot of time to improve and/or implement, such as consistent aim and advanced strategies. We’re talking about basic stuff that’s holding people back from being a tier above their current skill-level. Things that can be taught and implemented within the hour. However, if it’s something more advanced, feel free to ask out. This is why I feel these lesson sessions can be effective and useful for anyone and everyone.

Remember: knowledge and practise (and knowing what to practise) = experience.

So have your say, let me know what you think.


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  1. Nice Idea,

    I would a ppreciate some scout help:

    positional play
    aim work
    knowing when to push an advantage
    knowing when to pull out

    I believe I have improved my scouting but would love to take it to the next level and become a top scout.

    Great idea, well done.

  2. All great stuff Joint but really this community lacks feedback, out of the 10 teams (60+ players) that are kinda active and only a handful of them make comments over here :/

  3. I wouldn’t think too much of it right now, Razerfox. The community is in a bit of a slump at the moment, with a lot of people busy with exams and other such things.

  4. I’m aware of that TF2 SA only looks good from March until August the rest it’s on the up and down but still a simple comment here is difficult to get but facebook pwns us XD big time…


  6. Honestly, Deacan said it all


  7. maybe also when to run a sniper or something other than 2 scouts…

  8. oh, soz, lol, and when to try kritz 😛

  9. I’m also interested in your views on the stuff Deacan has mentioned, lets make this happen.

  10. Beef or chicken?

  11. @Razerfox “… only a handful of them make comments over here :/”

    True, but I think it is because the website is somewhat inaccessible to the average player. Basically the only time you can post a comment is when one of the admins puts something up to comment on, and then you can only really comment on what the admin has brough up.

    I am going to compare this site to ETF2L for a second, although I know that may not be fair, it is what I am used to. On the ETF2L site, anyone can make topics which appear on the main page. Anyone can post videos in the video section of the site.
    Everyone has a login and a profile which can then be linked to the profile page of any teams they are in. This makes ETF2L in my oppinion the best league TF2 site around, even though it looks somewhat ugly.

    In short, I think you have made a very good news site, somewhere people can go for information, but if you want the site to be more like a forum you need to make it more accessible.

    Just some constructive critisism 🙂

  12. Yeh the communicative part to make it more social friendly with a better user interface to put up content is kinda swak. The sharing of information between users at the moment is none as the forum is actually not working properly.

    Even though ETF2L site doesn’t look that latest web 2.0 it has a lot of stuff built in, running also on WordPress is very flexible to add plugins and so on but has another bunch of custom made stuff just for it that make it such well built site to run the leagues and keeping the users interface very accessible. I tried my luck once and asked DeNuesBeer to share some plugins but they would not work anyways as they are custom made to match theme and the sort of other settings that gets all interlinked.

    But still Beetle the forums of SGS and IS under the TF2 topic are almost none lately so also the community ain’t that keen to be communicative for some reason… Anyways I still have a couple of things to do on ( will be up up shortly ) and hopefully boost things once again.

  13. Awesome idea!

    I definitely agree with what Deacan and Shooter said.. Count me in!

    Just gotta hope there’re enough people who would be interested in such things :}

  14. Alright, it’s on. Sunday, 4pm. I’ll message you guys the details. Anyone else that wants to join in feel free to do so. As I said, max-ing it out at 12 players; first come, first serve.

  15. Oh great… Cant make it have cricket practise on Sundays. If you talk in game. Do you think you might be able to record a demo and put it in the demo section so that we can still see what you where talking about?

    sorry really want to attend this

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