How to be credit to team

YOU! Yes, you!

You want to be credit to team?

I don’t just mean build teleport for me and fellow comrade.  I mean real credit to team.

Yes? Then read.

Being credit to team is not possible by just shooting bullet and standing on point, stupid. Is much more than that. I have list of things that can help you be good credit to team.

I start with something easy that everyone know:

1. Protect Medic and Demoman

Medic is biggest credit to team. So make sure he is safe, always. I see so many dumb Soldier jumping away from Medic, or running away with stupid pick-axe like babies. Very bad.

Good Soldier leads Medic into safe area. Good Soldier think more about keeping Medic safe than about killing enemy team.

Is OK for other Soldier to jump away if other Good Soldier with Medic. But both Soldier should always think of Medic first.

Even Scout can protect Medic if Scout is nearby. Scout very good for stopping jumping enemy Soldier. Scout should always think about where enemy Scouts might try kill team’s Medic, and save Medic. Scout should especially help Medic when team Soldiers are dead or are cowards.

Demoman is also big credit to team. Especially if he smart. If he not smart, still protect him because that’s what good comrade do. Is usually Scout job to protect Demoman from other Scout, especially in Middle-point battle. Soldier and Medic should stay close to Demoman to give health and safety so Demoman can do job well and be credit for team’s defense.

Also, Medic and Demoman is important, but everyone is important in team. And if you want to be good credit to team, you help and protect everyone whenever you can.

2. Stay alive

So you think you can run in, shoot bullet, get kill on everyone, get on point? Maybe. But can you do that all the time and without being dead? Is not possible.

So much times, I see dumb comrades run in, die for nothing. No credit to team. Why? Because they think they can outsmart whole enemy team and kill.

Is not your job to kill whole enemy team. Is job to stay alive long enough time to help when everyone pushes, then kill enemy team together.

Is credit to team if you get kill, run back, but not like coward! Is just for recharge before going in to kill more.

Is no credit to team if you get kill, then die. BAD!

However, there is exception. Let me introduce you to man everyone know:

This is Scout. For long time, Scout is very stupid, especially in South Africa TF2 Competing Commune. Why? First, Scout is exception to Stay Alive rule because sometimes he goes in for Medic and Demoman kill, which is very good credit to team. But is no excuse for dying for nothing.

Stupid Scout runs in, thinking is his job to die, and maybe get lucky and get kill. Is not good. Is dumb. So, Stupid Scout is problem in team and local commune. But how does Smart Scout stay alive AND get important kill? Simple. Smart Scout is not greedy like Stupid Scout.

Smart Scout gets kill, then gets back to friendly team if possible. Smart Scout know when he is outgunned. He does not go for kill unless he sure he can get it, and maybe get out alive. Smart Scout also thinks about team, just like Good Soldier thinks about Medic. Smart Scout think: If I die, enemy Scout can be coward and go straight for weak comrade like Medic.

So Smart Scout spend most of his time stopping enemy Scout on flank area.

So enough of this baby-talk. Is simple: think about staying alive, more than about killing enemy team. But this no mean be coward and run from fight when team is fighting! Help comrades in battle!

3. Get to Middle Point, fast!

All you babies have baby guns. I have real gun. Is why I get to Middle Point fight slowest. But rest of you cowards have no excuse.

You slow to middle? Then watch the amazing video demonstrations on the network of wirewebs:

Soldier Jumps

Demoman Jumps

For Stupid Scout: run with other Scout, hopefully he Smart Scout and show you way. Otherwise watch Smart Scout in action: TF2demos

4. Be aware. Look alive.

Sometimes I see comrades that lose focus and make stupid mistake. A lot of time, I see this happen:

  • Very Stupid Scout take Health Kit when Demoman or Medic need it more.
  • Stupid Scout take ammo pack when Soldier need rocket.
  • Stupid Scout never looking for Sticky Trap when running through dangerous doorway.
  • Stupid Soldier running into Sticky Trap after Smart Scout told him is there.
  • Very Stupid Scouts run in same choke that Soldier, Demoman and Medic go through, leaving flank open.
  • Dumb Demoman pushing too far forward, too far for Smart Scout to protect him.
  • VERY Stupid Soldier running away from own Medic with Stupid pick-axe out.
  • Stupid Scout going for kill when should be going for point.
  • Medic try to use Charge very late in big fight, to look impressive. Then die.

There are many more, but you see picture. These things easy to fix. But much concentrate needed.

5. Talk to Team-mate. Respect fellow comrade.

One thing that never impress me: comrade that know how to shoot bullet, but know not how to talk to team-mate, or respect for that matter.

Sometime, saying important info is better than shooting bullet well.

Worst, is team-mate who disrespect fellow comrade. I care not how well you can shoot bullet; if you disrespect fellow comrade you are minus credit to team.

Best is smart comrade, who know how to shoot bullet, but also know that respect and talking important things for team is just as important.

So I hope my talk help you to be credit to team in near future. And remember, sometimes, being real credit to team take time. Be patient and improve weak areas. Practise and patience make for real credit to self-improving.

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11 years ago

lol good read 🙂

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