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UPDATED #tf2 Pickup rules!

TF2 SA Pickup Rule Guideline Have TF2 experience You must have played TF2 for a while. If you’re a beginner with TF2 don’t bother joining a pickup. The others will notice it straight away and start moaning about you. You don’t have to be particularly good at TF2 though. As long as you have a …

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Aim Guide

This is not a guide to improve your aim but rather a guide to setting up your game, OS and hardware properly in order for you to improve your aim. Many people may know about these tweaks and some may not but either way they will help you to improve your aim by means of …

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Rates Guide

Having your TF2 rates set correctly is important because the default TF2 rate values were set in order to cater for all TF2 players so that even players with old computers/internet lines could play on servers without running into network related problems. Because of this these default rate values are not very optimized for people …

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