MGE Training Mod

What is the “MGE” MOD

MyGamingEdge’s Lange, CB and Swaty have released a MGE Training mod – combining the best of both worlds by offering a mix of DM and Ammomod.
After about a month of development, (lange, swaty and CB) released this new training mod. It combines all the best parts of dm with ammomod and we have also added what we believe is the most realistic form of training.


• 12 arenas ranging from middle fights to last fights to a normal ammomod arena
• Type !add to join an arena , Type !remove to remove
• Classes supported include: soldier, demo, scout, sniper
• You start with 1600 points exactly like ammomod. your points will increase/decrease as you win or lose duels. Your
points will be stored in a database and will be saved for your next visit.
• You start with a half buff on all arenas except the ammomod and spire arena where you will start with a full buff (The
buff system was tested extensively to make sure we simulate the most realistic gamelike experiences and have the most
balanced fights)
• You will instantly spawn after each death with a new buff and ammo
• first to 30 wins the duel(endif is 5) where the next person in line will join and the winner will stay. If no one is in
line a new duel will start with the same players.
• If you change classes during a duel a point will be awarer to your opponent
• If you leave an arena early when your opponent has more than 5 kills you will lose the points for that duel.

The mod and the relevant map can be grabbed here. (15MB)
For more info and installation instructions, take a gander at the official thread
IS GAMING already has arranged a 24×7 700fps MGE Mod server. Check it out at – connect

UPDATE: You can see the latest stats of each player/duels by visiting here and clicking player list

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