6v6 Winter Cup 2014

6v6 Winter Cup 2014There’s a new reason for you to be delirious with happiness, fellow fanatical citizen of TF2 land! Brought to you by your friendly local benevolent overlords at TF2CSA and MWEB Gamezone, the 6v6 Cup is back and it’s bigger and better than…well than anything – literally ever!

We promised we would do it again and we have! New and improved! This is the tournament you didn’t even realize you were waiting for. But you were. We guarantee it!

At stake for the Cup Grand Final winners in this most prestigious of competitive endeavours is the Rancid Cup of Destiny! Lay claim to its filthy, but utterly fulfilling charms if you dare! Join all of South African TF2-dom in the hunt for this elusive and beguiling prize. Register your team today and join this epic quest. Fame, glory, riches and a sanitarily questionable plastic cup of dubious origins plastered with masking tape awaits you! And if we’re feeling particularly benevolent, some actual prizes could be yours too.

Pool Format

  • Limit of 8 Teams, separated into 2 pools of 4 teams each
  • Pool A games start Saturday 24 May from 3pm
  • Pool B games start Sunday 25 May from 3pm
  • The final classification of the teams will be based on the tally of wins, draws and losses across the 8 teams
  • No GC in the pool stage, so a draw is a draw.
  • Based on the set map pool, the captains bottle fight to determine who chooses the first map. No time wasting during the bottle fight! The same map cannot be chosen twice by a team during the course of the pool stage.
  • One map per match, rather than the usual 2 maps. Each team plays 3 matches in the pool stage
  • A full match schedule, including pools and match times will be posted on Thursday 22 May 2014

Plate Final Knockout Format

  • The 4 bottom placed teams from the two pools will go into the Plate Final knockout competition, starting with the two semi finals on Saturday 31 May at 4pm
  • The Plate Final will be played on Saturday 31 May at 8pm
  • Traditional 2 maps in each match. If the match is tied across the two maps (based on wins/ losses/ draws), the tiebreaker will be a GC round.
  • The first map choice in the match is determined by the bottle fight, with the loser picking the 2nd map.

Cup Final Knockout Format

  • The top 4 teams in the competition go into the Cup Final knockout competition starting with the two semi finals on Sunday 1 June at 4pm
  • The Cup Grand Final will be played on Sunday 1 June at 8pm
  • Traditional 2 maps in each match. If the match is tied across the two maps (based on wins/ losses/ draws), the tiebreaker will be a GC round.
  • The first map choice in the match is determined by the bottle fight, with the loser picking the 2nd map.


Teams can choose from the following map pool:

  • Badlands
  • Bazillion
  • Follower
  • Freight
  • Granary
  • Gullywash
  • Metalworks
  • Process
  • Snakewater
  • Yukon


  • Team registration and player lineups must be finalised before or on Wednesday 21 May 2014
  • Teams may use a maximum of two (2) substitute players provided that player is not a member of another clan playing in the cup;
  • A match can be played with five (5) players;
  • The results will be posted at here on this post – https://tf2.co.za/competitions/6v6-winter-cup-2014;
  • The servers are configured to use the ETF2L whitelist;
  • In the event of disputes or rule discussion, the ETF2L rules will apply;
  • Only the team/ clan captains are allowed to correspond with the competition organizers on matters regarding the competition, including and especially relating to disputes or issues of any kind. Any correspondence from other team/ clan members will be ignored. Only communication from captains will be entertained. Decisions around issues or disputes will be made by the competition organizers. Any and all decisions are final. Any private or public communication, behaviour or action that contravenes this or challenges any of the decisions made could result in the player being banned from the competition or depending on the severity, potentially the team itself being disqualified – whether you are in a final or not.
  • Any potential disputes or issues arising during the pool stage will be addressed after the pool stage is over. If any rematches are decided on, those will be scheduled for another day.


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8 years ago

Instead of having maps that are hardly ever played in our map pool, could we possibly have a pool that replicates ETF2L? For season 18 they are using the following maps:

cp_granary; cp_gullywash; cp_badlands; cp_process; cp_snakewater; koth_viaduct_pro; ctf_turbine_pro

We could still use maps such as Follower and Freight in the pool and maybe add ‘cp_sunshine_rc1a’ ?
Just food for thought 🙂

8 years ago

I assume the Grand Finals will be bo3?

Reply to  Geno
8 years ago

By the way regarding the group stages. If you are going to bottle to pick maps you need to give both sides an equal chance to pick/eliminate maps. So it doesn’t really work for 1 map round robin. As it places too much importance on the bottle and who gets to pick the only map.

For 1 map round robin it is Generally better to assign a map to each round of games.

However the fact that you cannot pick a map more than once probably counters this but only if the rule is enforced properly. Which is hard to do.

8 years ago

Are there any spots left?

Reply to  JanxSupa
8 years ago

Postponed to July. 🙂

Reply to  axtremes
8 years ago

Sweet, <3 The Love Nest <3 are working on a team!

8 years ago

This may be a sick opportunity to get http://www.ladder.tf2.co.za/teams.php?teamid=28 clans up and running.

With the tournament around the corner, the TF2 staff can get that site prepared in time and allow teams to register there, too.

Just a thought 🙂

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