KomboKitten – Progress Report #1

Hi reader!

My TF2 journey so far has been a blast! Let me start out by sharing some of the TF2 material I have studied recently, which has equipped me with vital knowledge for competitive play.

Some great info on Scouting:

Learn the general team roll-out to mid point on Badlands:

I have been recruited into a competitive team, now known as Giblet Grinders.

We have created a Facebook page for Team GG where others can see info on us, so as to organize friendly matches, clannies and other TF2 events. Our page will also include interesting content relevant to TF2. This will also be the best place for anybody with Facebook to see our clan activity. Find our page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TF2-Team-SIN/227791047259710

Yesterday I had my first day of practice with some friends and my new team mates. It has been amazing so far!

I am seeing less and less of medic and am delving in as far as possible into the Scout class, as this is my main.

It started out with some jump practice on Granary and Badlands with the help of Andy, one of the best scouts I have seen so far. Thanks Andy! MOAR 😀

Then I was summoned to the MGE (MyGamingEdge) server for some 1v1 battle practice with fellow team mates Grimm and Mookie. MGE is a group that manage TF2 training, you can check out there kick-ass website here: http://mygamingedge.com/

Badlands Spiral

It started out with me versing Grimm (he played Scout too then) at the Badlands Spiral. He picked up two of my weaknesses soon after starting and proceeded to give me advice. And what awesome advice it was, because after implementing it I immediately felt the improvement in my game play. He became giblets to confirm this. You might be wondering what my weaknesses were, but as a new competitive Scout I am obliged not to reveal my weaknesses as some players may seek to exploit them.

Above is Grimm during our training.

We spent quite some time practicing at the Spiral and Grimm also swapped to Soldier and showed me some tricks on handling a soldier 1v1. I also versed Mookie as a Soldier and Scout for a bit.

After some 1v1 battle practice we proceeded to play a mix friendly with Xt3rm!n@tor, montrey, Zombie and Russ as subs in our team. We lost 6-1 against a team that included Warhammy and Lola (can’t recall the other players right now – it’s all a haze of pawnage).

I learnt a LOT despite our loss! I need to add that I have noticed the way losses can attack the moral of some players. It is unfortunate. Our losses happen to be our biggest learning opportunities. If you can always take a good lesson from a loss (which is always possible) then you can only get better, and that is the good part about it. I am hoping to see less guys crying about losing and more eagerness to learn and improve despite losses and deaths.

granary mid
Granary Middle Point

After our mix friendly I continued with MGE 1v1 battle practice on Granary middle with Xt3rm!n@tor and Grimm. My performance increased a little from what it was earlier the evening. I am looking forward to more practice, so happy about the existence of the 1v1 MGE map training opportunity! It is a wonderful way to increase game play. Thank you so much Grimm, Mookie and Xt3rm!n@tor for your wonderful assistance! (And Surge for some good advice)

That about summarizes the content of my latest TF2 competitive progress report. I hope it might have lead to someone learning something and that you will look forward to my future posts.

In the meanwhile I will be out on the battlefield, grinding giblets!


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11 years ago

You just keep on going girl 😀

11 years ago

*Keeps grinding them giblets* 😛

11 years ago

X you lazy man…
Good read though.


KunG Fu
11 years ago

Nice report.

Go Go Kitten, become DA BEST! 😀

11 years ago

I like this 🙂 because it’s like a way to encourage other new players that have doubts on how to get started in TF2 competitive and because it’s based from someone’s experience doing it it creates more trust.

Great content.

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