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MGE Training Mod

What is the “MGE” MOD MyGamingEdge’s Lange, CB and Swaty have released a MGE Training mod – combining the best of both worlds by offering a mix of DM and Ammomod. After about a month of development, (lange, swaty and CB) released this new training mod. It combines all the best parts of dm with …

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MGE_Training_PRO MOD

I have installed MGE_MOD 0.01 on all three IS- Match Servers. If you need to initiate the plugin/map please can admins just change to the map. Map can be downloaded here If you wish to get clan admin for IS TF2 Match Servers please email me at with your Steam ID/Email address and I …

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Team Forty K (40K) Mod for TF2

An awesome mod for TF2 from Populus89. As with all good things game related, it looks like it will be done when it’s done! Check out the mod in action below.