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Team Forty K (40K) Mod for TF2

An awesome mod for TF2 from Populus89. As with all good things game related, it looks like it will be done when it’s done! Check out the mod in action below.

Update: Pub All Star Challenge

Pub All Stars

Update: TF2CSA Pub All Star Challenge Update: The Pub All Stars class allocation (see below) Lady’s and Gentlemen… Let’s get ready to rumble! The TF2CSA Team are ready for action with the announcement of the “Pub All Star Challenge”. Pitting the recently crowned 6v6 champions, “WildGirls”, against a star studded Pubbers team, this match has …

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The Lion King Fortress 2

“…daw daw daw, daw… come sing with me…”

TF2 Lobby

Competitive TF2 in South Africa is hampered by a number of factors. Here’s a possible solution to rejuvenate the pick-up scene in South Africa’s TF2 community.