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6-v-6 Competitive TF2 Map Poll and Vote

We want you… To give us your opinion Below is a list of competitive TF2 maps. Some of which we have played, know and love. Some we have never played and some are old favourites, needing a dust off. Take a look through and post your top 5 maps in the comments. We’ll run this …

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Trippy does Australian Fortress

TF2 sniper down under

After spending a few weeks down under and returning (relatively un-scathed and un-harmed) Ryan “Evil clown / Trippy” Nussey explores the differences between Australian and South African TF2, both public and competitive.

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TF2 rated in top 5 of the best PC games of all time

PC Gamer recently rated team Fortress 2 (TF2) as one of the top five games of all time. A group of international writers compiled their top ten in order. This mega-list was refined, collated, checked, sieved, proofed, justified and lastly published as a top hundred list of the best PC games of all time. When …

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“If the house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’…

…just come on in…” Borrowing a few lines from the immortal guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan seems only appropriate when looking across the landscape that is TF2 South Africa at the moment. The year has started with a big bang. Here are some of the highlights so far. Three public RTV servers. Two new contributors to …

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