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Trippy does Australian Fortress

TF2 sniper down under

After spending a few weeks down under and returning (relatively un-scathed and un-harmed) Ryan “Evil clown / Trippy” Nussey explores the differences between Australian and South African TF2, both public and competitive.

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TF2 rated in top 5 of the best PC games of all time

PC Gamer recently rated team Fortress 2 (TF2) as one of the top five games of all time. A group of international writers compiled their top ten in order. This mega-list was refined, collated, checked, sieved, proofed, justified and lastly published as a top hundred list of the best PC games of all time. When …

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“If the house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’…

…just come on in…” Borrowing a few lines from the immortal guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan seems only appropriate when looking across the landscape that is TF2 South Africa at the moment. The year has started with a big bang. Here are some of the highlights so far. Three public RTV servers. Two new contributors to …

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Interview: Bubbles & Lolita from Mixed Chicks

Pyro chick

Hot off the press… down the wires… over the wi-fi… through the Ethernet and slamming hard into your PC comes this exclusive interview with Bubbles and Lolita from Mixed Chicks.  Previously we heard about Mixed Chicks, South Africa’s largest all female online Gaming Organisation. Now hear more about the founders – Yolanda “Lolita” Green and …

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TF2 LAN @ OC December 2010

This is my world. You are not welcome in my world.

What's greater than the Heavy's gut …  Sharper than the sniper's wit …  More devastating than the demoman's bottle … Announcing the first ever official TF2 LAN competition! Attention! TF2 SA team, in association with Organised Chaos (OC) LAN proudly presents South Africa's first official LAN competition. Taking place during the December OC LAN 2010, …

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