TF2 rated in top 5 of the best PC games of all time

TF2 - #1 in our heartsPC Gamer recently rated team Fortress 2 (TF2) as one of the top five games of all time. A group of international writers compiled their top ten in order. This mega-list was refined, collated, checked, sieved, proofed, justified and lastly published as a top hundred list of the best PC games of all time. When it was released, the editors at TF2CSA eagerly scanned the list looking for TF2…

TF2 was released by Valve almost three-and-a-half years ago, in October 2007. Since then Valve has issued over one hundred and fifty updates to Team Fortress 2 including patches, bug fixes, game play tweaks, new maps, weapon updates and a micro-trading system. Some would even argue that TF2 is a trading system with a free game built in…

Winter Assembly, a TF2 LAN held in Helsinki, Finland, comprising six of the top European teams has just finished. The final, played between Dignitas and Epsilon, was spectated by over two thousand people either via Mumble and Internet streams or live at the event. Such is the popularity of this FPS!

Apologies, I digress! Back to the all important chart.  PC Gamer writers dropped our favourite game in at number four on their list. But, dear readers, ardent “pubbers” and dedicated competitive players, we know better… For us, deep down in our hearts- er, rubber gun boats, TF2 will always be number one!

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11 years ago

well, i guess so 😛

11 years ago

This game it’s fun at any gamemode, pubs 12vs12, highlander 9vs9 and 6v6 gameplay.

It has insane support from Valve and the success comes from community feedback that it’s taken by Valve where community created maps, weapons, etc… gets included and they update stuff accordingly to the community needs.

9 characters that each has it’s own set of weapons & unlocks and speciality, plenty maps (and they still creating), 5 great gamemodes (CP, CTF, PL, KOTH, Arena) that have their own specific type of maps.

TF2 has a online store to buy weapons, hats and other load of stuff, you can craft stuff, you can trade stuff, you can customize your character at your own style.

TF2 Competitive might not have the greatest popularity worldwide but it’s because of all the unique stuff that it has and so on that only the real TF2 lovers keep playing at it to jump the gap from pubs to competitive gameplay.

Keep having fun guys!!!

11 years ago

Forever Fortress 😀

KunG Fu
11 years ago

Team Fortress = Numba 1!!!

11 years ago

Eq is sending skiba to represent at one of the lans:) You ready skibz

11 years ago

Best game I have ever played. Never had so much fun for so long. going on 400 hours here 😛

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