“If the house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’…

…just come on in…”

Borrowing a few lines from the immortal guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan seems only appropriate when looking across the landscape that is TF2 South Africa at the moment. The year has started with a big bang. Here are some of the highlights so far.

  • Three public RTV servers.
  • Two new contributors to TF2.co.za
  • Thirteen registered teams for the TF2CSA Divisional Cup

In an effort to cultivate a slightly more competitive nature, we’ve opened up a third RTV server. This one is a “no-crits” server, so you’ll have to reply on your skill level now. No more cries of “lame crits” anymore!

TF2.co.za is proud to welcome Lola and Beetle to the team. Lola is our specialist interviewer – leaving no stone unturned as she searches for the down and dirty in our little TF2 world. Her first piece is with Turkish and makes for some interesting reading, especially on the history of TF2 in South Africa and what it takes to make, and keep, a great clan going.  Beetle brings with him his European gaming experience and is helping us, here at TF2.co.za, with the competitions and cups, especially the administration and rules. Thanks for joining the team – here’s hoping your time here is a long and fruitful one!

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the number, but folks, we have thirteen registered teams/clans for the TF2CSA Cup. Kudos to everyone for making the effort to get a clan going. For those newer clans, good luck. For those older clans, keep watching the rear view mirror, you never know who’s coming up through the ranks!

Tf2 in South Africa seems to have hit a rich vein of interest, community and form. Well done to everyone involved, let’s keep the spirit high, the emotions in check and above all have fun in 2011.

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11 years ago

Woo nocrit server! I’m also liking the 18 player limit. Although I remember when SGS made a nocrit server with a smaller player count. It failed… 🙁

11 years ago

ty ty, I will truly sniff out the down and dirty 😛
Pls gimme your special requests as well and I’ll hunt them down

11 years ago

Here we go…. 😛

We really needed some femenine power on board XD

Welcome guys!

11 years ago

Any SRV reference is a good one 🙂

11 years ago

GoGo TF 2 😀

11 years ago

Woooooooooooooooooooo, 😀

11 years ago

Keep it up, will be amazing if we can get the clan community like CSS or COD even 😛

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