What maps do you want to play?

With 2011 around the corner we already preparing for a great competitive year on this TF2 side of the world so let’s start with what maps you wanna play on the 2011 tournaments. On the pool we already have  Badlands – Granary – Freight – Gullywash as these are mostly used maps at the moment on these days in local competitive TF2 scene. I would like to see Obscure and Mainline on the mix but what about the old school Gpit? Let’s see what else you guys like….

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11 years ago

Voted for Gravelpit because there shouldn’t even be a question of whether or not it should be on the standard map list; it’s the most-played competitive map in the world and offers an insanely good dynamic and contrast to push-map play.

My other vote was for Yukon because it’s, by far, the most balanced and best-designed custom map, yet it isn’t getting the play-time it deserves.

11 years ago

hi everyone

Umm i like mainline <3 and would've loved to see something like proline in there but i have to agree with joint….gpit is an awesome comp map, very old school….(recall watching a game of pandemic, back in the day, reptile uber ownage! All on gpit). Would love to play gpit again! But we'll see what the voting says right?

Sweet btw happy new year, err or well almost 😀

11 years ago

This is just my personal opinion and is in no way against any other opinion but I hate Gpit.

Before you all start jumping up and down say I dont understand the strats involved in Gpit or how dependant it is on complete team play ( more than any map we probably play) but sorry I do. I have played that map plenty back in the day when Pantheon was on top and when we on Zodiac played this map extremely well. I find it extremely boring. It is so stagnant and lacks any flow wats so ever. It is way to much of go here then do this then go here and do that. Oh sorry your push didnt work sit in spawn and grind uber. Yawn.

Im not trying to take it off the list and can uderstand why it used as a tie breaker map because 9 times out of 10 the better team will win but that doesnt make it any less boring.

Just my opinion though.

11 years ago

feel same as deacs tbh

11 years ago

GP is a great strat map imo, agrees with Joint

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