Do Gaming Online League for 2011 Announced

Alright once again the registrations for the Do Gaming League’s of 2011 are open and TF2 is not included yet as they will only add it if there is a lot of demand so if you would like to help ourselves to get into it then it’s a good time to stop been lazy.

We need your vote!

A community league is just not enough to attract more “dedicated” competitive players if you know what I mean and been part of the Do Gaming Leagues will facilitate that as well as helping to get into MGO’s and get more exposure of the game and grow the competitiveness.

It’s plain simple more competitiveness= more support and the more support the more LAN’s and tournaments will come for TF2. But we have to really be more active when it comes to feedback at Do Gaming website as the TF2 community is really disappointing because we do not give enough feedback every time they do a TF2 related article and if we could just post a simple comment like “good read” is good enough really. They need to generate exposure for their sponsors and if a TF2 article does not get lots of views and comments what they will think? Skip it… these guys are useless! Regardless if we are or not an active competitive community.

So if you really want to see an amazing TF2 2011 competitive season just make the effort to be more interactive  at Do Gaming site and of course at your community site it’s a win to win situation you give and show support and we will receive more support with more tournaments and great prizes.

Please go and vote for  TF2 at :

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11 years ago

Done! Voted! 😀 Please guys go vote!

11 years ago

gl hf for 2011

11 years ago

I see that tf2 got quite a few votes. How many teams do you think would enter, if they created a league for tf2?

11 years ago

Nice. Hope dogaming pick it up then. Would be good.

11 years ago

erh, just wanna say, no use every1 voting, and the clans are a no show like last time, makes us look stuuupid.

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