TF2CSA 2011 Events Schedule


Events Scheduled for 2011:

  • January:

TF2CSA Cup v3 (Registrations Open until 14th January – Kickoff 16th January)

  • January:

Snipers 1vs1 (Registrations Open until 14th January – Kickoff 16th January)

  • March:

TF2CSA 6v6 v3 (R8000 worth of prizes)

  • May:

TF2CSA Cup or Highlander Cup

  • June:

TF2CSA 6v6 v4 (Prizes Guaranteed) Amount TBA.

  • September to December:

There will be fun cups, small tournaments and others at request by the community that remains active during the low activity period.

  • Non-fixed schedule:

Also after each 6v6 Series we might play 6vs9 challenge where the winning team from the 6v6 competition will play vs 9 Pub players as a fun challenge and to keep the interactivity. We might also try to organise a 6v6 LAN or maybe having 6v6 v4 Finals at a LAN so we will discuss during the tournament the possibilities.

If you would like to suggest other competitions please let us know and Email Us


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  1. ty Fox, hope this will be a great yr for TF

  2. 🙂 I hope so too and it looks quite good already.

  3. Should be epic… you will see CyB in everything ^^

  4. I dig the logo so much lols,
    looks awesome.

  5. Shot Peng 🙂

  6. awesome stufss 😀

  7. hi when does th first leg on the comp end i wana know so i can mybe join a clan for one leg:)

  8. Check this cup will have like 4 weeks of play before the semis so from the 16th of January until the 18th of February it’s like group stage then the top4 teams will qualify to the semis on 20th of February (1st vs 4th & 2nd vs 3rd) and the finals on the 27th of February.

    Remember that we will have 2 divisions so each of them will have their own playoffs. 🙂

  9. ah kk, sounds good pretty, ampted to try this game competitively:D

  10. Cool man see you around 🙂

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