Masters/Operator Wins One Nighters Cup II

The second edition of the 16Bit One Nighters Cup that took place last night was won by a mix team consisting of players from Masters and Operator taking down in the finals MaleModels with the following scores: Badlands 6-1 and Granary 4-2.

Masters unfortunately announced that they could not partake in  the Cup due to some players not being available. As a result of this in the early hours of Sunday a mix team was arranged consisting of  experienced players from Operator (enemy – Wir – Kaboos – seamonkey ) and from Masters ( Warhammy – Goldfox – TurbzRandomsaurus).

The results of the first 2 rounds were as follows:

Round 1

  • Masters/Operator vs Fags     3-0
  • iMpulse gaMing vs Fury         5-4
  • Vintage vs KKNP                        5-0
  • MaleModels vs pcZ                    5-0

Round 2

  • Masters/Operator vs iMg          5-0
  • Vintage vs MaleModels              0-5

The mix team under the leadership of enemy had a bit of shaky start as they beat Fags 3-0 who seemed to give them a decent challenge for the 1st round of the Cup. In the other matches iMpulse Gaming made an impressive comeback from 1-4 down to beat Fury 5-4, the rest were quite straight forward with Vintage vs KKNP, winning 5-0 and MaleModels vs pcZ, taking the victory by 5-0.

In round 2 there weren’t any upsets either with Masters/Operator beating iMg 5-0 and  MaleModels beating Vintage 5-0, therefore setting up the most likely teams to be at the finals.

Round 3  Finals

The 1st map for the final to be played was Badlands and the Masters/Operator mix team managed to take the edge on this map as enemy’s mastermind gameplay managed to deal a lot of damage making it easier for the team to get kills and almost cruise on the map after leading 3-0, MaleModels managed to pull one round back 3-1 and after some back and forth challenges Master/Operator got back on track to set the game 6-1 and win the first map.

Then Granary was chosen as 2nd map and the match started quite strong for MaleModels managing to wipe mid point battle and cruising to get the 1st round of the map, this was starting to be a very tight game with both teams keeping things very entertaining with back and forth battles at mid and last points but after some exchanges of round and the game up to 2-2 once again Masters/Operator took the edge to lead the match 3-2 and kept that momentum (thanks to some Warhammy’s spy medic kills) to make it 4-2 with 8 minutes to go, after that we saw very intense gameplay from both teams but Masters/Operator managed to keep the game in control until the end to take the top spot of the 16 Bit TF One Nighters Cup II.

Congratulations to Masters/Operator!

Even though we cannot say that Masters kept the title this Cup will give us a couple of things to think about… Can Masters full rosters beat the rest? If Operator makes a full comeback can they outperform the current top teams? Or will MaleModels bounce back with an improved performance? Well the only way to find out is in the next tournament and if all these teams can be there with their full rosters.

Thanks to all the participating teams and keep it up people!!!!

For more information about this Cup check it out 16Bit TF One Night Cup facebook group and you can also join their Steam Group.

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11 years ago

Tx to all the players involved in this. Tx to organisers as well as I hope we can have many more successful cups that lead up to something bigger.

11 years ago

Congratulations to Master / Operator, they fully deserved the win. Thanks a lot to the organizers of the tournament, it was a great tournament.

Suggestions for future cups:

1 – Please set a a losers bracket for teams that fall out in the first round. This will allow those teams to carry on in the tournament and they get more playtime, which is obviously a good thing.

2 – Implement a first to 5, 60 minute timelimit. The 30 minute timelimit / difference of 5 ruleset is absurd in my opinion. It promotes defensive, negative play, which is boring to watch and even more boring to play.

11 years ago

It’s a pleasure 😀 and ty for the suggestions, will definitely take them into account for future cups, I think that the cup has lots of potential to evolve, i’m still a nooblet in tf2 but feels great to host something ppl enjoy 🙂

11 years ago

Please add Randomsaurus’ name under Masters as well, please.

Reply to  Razerfox
11 years ago

Hahahaha How dare you foxy 😛 but nps 😀 thanks for reminding him Seamonkey 🙂 and thanks to everyone that played was lots of fun 😀

11 years ago

Congrats Masters/Operator!

11 years ago

60 minute maps can lead to incredibly long games. The main aim of the tournament is to be held within one evening. Regardless, in a situation of loss it is always imperative for the losing team to be aggressive, it is silly to try and force upon either one of the teams a specific mode or way of play, simply because you, or someone else perceives it as ‘negative’.

Also as far as the first to 5 ruleset goes, that can lead to very boring games

And as far as international leagues go, the main two tend to disagree with you, they are both 30 minute, difference to 5 rulesets. As nice as it is to have the inkling that you stand the chance of a come back, that feeling will remain even if you lose after 2 hours. The point of the timelimit is to make games playable and entertaining to watch, without having to sit down for 2 solid hours, and the point of the difference of 5, is to facilitate that ‘we can come back from this’ feeling that pops up so often, even after being 5-4 with the other team.

11 years ago

Thank you very much Razer 🙂

And thank you to everyone that played

KunG Fu
11 years ago

Well played Masters/Operator!

Thanks to the organizers, keep up the good work!

Would be cool to have Full Masters, Operator and Severe back in action.

11 years ago

60mins….eish…not ampt
would be awesome to have Severe back, long as Beetle can sort his ping

11 years ago

oh lol Lola. Whats wrong with Beetle playing? Just chill and let EVERYONE have some fun 🙂

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