This was Team Dignitas

Torden — Retard Brigade are ETF2L champions; The United Kingdom of Trolls have bested all in the nations cup; eSrael are ESL’s finest. And now Dignitas.TF2 exists no longer.
Just a few months ago, such a statement would be considered by many to be the end of our game as we know it. And as of last night, the towel has officially been thrown in, after a funeral lasting longer than the average life expectancy of a new form. Meanwhile, TF2 hasn’t flourished more since it was new.
When it comes to influence however, there hasn’t been another team that comes close to Dignitas, and there likely won’t be another. Be it for better or worse, this as the end of one chapter, will surely flavour the start of the next.

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11 years ago

Its sad to see their departure from TF2. They set the standard for competitive play in Europe for a really long time. They even came extremely close to winning some American leagues in their prime – having to stay up to play at 3AM in the morning for their games accross the pond.

However, over the last couple of months they have not really been the force they used to be. Lineup and class changes started to plague them, and suddenly they were losing official matches more regularly. Losing ryb and bybben (arguably the best demo and scout players in TF2 ever) made them extremely vulnerable. It was sad to see, but they had a spectacular run up till then, and Dignitas will most definitely be regarded as the team that set the standard for competitive TF2 all around the world.

Looking at the European scene right now, I don’t think this will have too much of an adverse effect on the survival of the scene. Within a couple of months a lot of new talent will start to filter through the competitive scene as new players get involved with competitive TF2.

Really awesome article by the way, I highly recommend anyone to check it out. Shot for the link Xterminator.

11 years ago

Dignitas really was a “must check” team everytime they played and indeed they were the team that put TF2 competitive in the map of the world…

Well let’s hope is just the beginning of the new beginning in TF2 competitive scene.

11 years ago

The European TF2 is in the shitter at the moment. Most of the top teams dropped during the ETF2L league and that was because of the rules they played in. Most of the top teams dropped due to the shitty unlocks 🙁 But It is sad to see Dignitas end 🙁

11 years ago

Yeh the boycott didnt work and left ETF2L with a big gap…. and top teams got kinda annoyed. Let’s see how it goes over here.

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