One Nighter’s Cup II Seedings and Details


The 16Bit TF One Nighter’s Cup is back with a second edition and once again 8 teams will be ready for the challenge this  Sunday starting from 7pm.

There are 3 new teams taking part on the Cup while the other 5 already played on the previous edition though some have slight lineup changes. Team Masters the current title holders are back to try and defend their #1 status on the One Nighter’s Cup series.


Check it out….

Round 1 Seedings:

  • Master vs Fags
  • iMpulse gaMing vs Fury
  • Vintage vs KKNP
  • MaleModels vs pcZ


Server allocations:


Master vs Fags                            -IS- TF2 16BIT ONENIGHT CUP I

iMpulse gaMing vs Fury     -IS- TF2 16BIT ONENIGHT CUP II

Vintage vs KKNP                      -IS- TF2 16BIT ONENIGHT CUP III

MaleModels vs pcZ                  -IS- TF2 16BIT ONENIGHT CUP IV


Round times and durations:


Each round will be 45 minutes long, in the first 15 minutes clans will have the opportunity to do a map elimination, This will be held in a *melee round, where the whole team will only be allowed to utilize their melee weapon, the team who wins the melee round, may choose the map to be played. After which the map chosen will be loaded and players will have only one chance to beat their opponents, i.e. one map. Each Map will last 30 minutes or until a clan has reached a 5 point difference. The winning team will be promoted to the next round and the losing team falls out.


Players must post their results as a comment on the 16Bit TF Steam group immediately after the match is over, an Admin will at the end of each round announce the following match ups.


*Melee Round: All players from each clan will change their class to Demoman and choose the Bottle. Once a player has been eliminated, he/she may NOT rejoin the battle.


Round 1: 19:00

Round 2: 19:45

Round 3: 20:30


Info and Rules

  • Team Captains MUST have read the Cup Rules.
  • Players must play under the nicks they have registered with.
  • All participants must make sure that they have their TF2 in working condition. Players won’t be given any extra time to fix their game or Steam.
  • 2 Subs allowed as long as they are not taking part for any other team on the competition and cannot sub for more than one team on the competition.

Cup Rules

  • Normal Gamemode: 6on6
  • Class limits: 1 medic, 1 demo, 1heavy, 2 of the rest
  • Minimum of 5 players needed to play a match
  • Winlimit = Point difference of 5
  • Timelimit 30 for all non-Stop-Watch-Maps
  • Gravelpit to be played as BO3
  • Golden Cap if required will be played with a timelimit of 10 minutes and if no team wins the round in time the winner will be the team that has possession of the mid point.
  • The final will be played as BO3 (Best of 3).

Map Pool:

  • Badlands
  • Granary
  • Freight
  • Yukon
  • Gravelpit


Check out the General TF2 6v6 rules

Tournament admin: Yaeger / Fish



The finals at 20:30 will be shoutcasted by  Colin “enemy” Grobler

Server details: Mumble


Channel: TF2 Shoutcast

SourceTV details will be released early on Sunday afternoon (check again on this page)

Results (so far)

Round 1

  • Masters/Operator vs Fags     3-0
  • iMpulse gaMing vs Fury         5-4
  • Vintage vs KKNP                        5-0
  • MaleModels vs pcZ                    5-0

Round 2

  • Masters/Operator vs iMg          5-0
  • Vintage vs MaleModels              5-0

Round 3  Finals

  • Masters/Operator vs MaleModels  Badlands 6-1  – Granary 4-2

Masters/Operator Wins 

16Bit TF One Nighters Cup II

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11 years ago

looking forward haha except that we start against one of the best teams haha but still looking forward to see whos gonna be in the final 🙂 gl!

11 years ago


11 years ago

Would’ve been nice to see the team line ups somewhere

KunG Fu
11 years ago

Yea i agree, can we maybe get lineups for the next 1night? 🙂


11 years ago


None for Server 4

Please connect via IP in console ingame using

connect ( To connect to BETA)

11 years ago

decent lineup! Might i suggest next one nighter cup to include a shield part where the losers of round one battle it out similiar to the winners of round one, but just fighting for something like a bowl or shield cup?

11 years ago

yeah no probs haha just thinking about us weaker players as well 🙂 and besides -> more matches -> more game time -> awesome!

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