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Hi there you fragster you,

Why on earth would anybody want to waste their life on watching replays? I will tell you why.

The truth is that it is not a waste to begin with. It is a vast source of inspiration to give one an edge in-game. This is a guide for beginners in competitive TF2 which I have tried to keep as short and sweet as possible, hope you like!

(Sidenote: A synonym for replay in TF2 is demo)

I can recall how many online competitive DotA and StarCraft 2 players watch/ed replays, especially international ones. It has always been a crucial part of keeping an inspired and creative spirit for competitive play – and it counts just as well for competitive TF2.

The following are quotes from experienced local competitive players on how watching demo’s affects competitive game play:

Skillbill says: “Watching demos (TF2 replays) is the best possible way for any new player new to competitive TF2 to learn how to play the game. It provides you a better picture of how high end teams function, and allows you a first hand experience of how the best players in the world play. As a new player, you can skip a lot of the “growing pains” by watching a couple of demos a week whilst also participating in pickups.”

Xt3rm!n@tor says:  “Watching demos increases not only the players class that they play, but also their understanding of how the entire team works. By watching the different classes you gain understanding of what your role is in your team and how it should be played. Demo’s also help with fine tuning your style of play and teaches you lots of new things that you would not necessarily learn by just playing the game. 

Demo’s also help you learn from your mistakes and improve your game play. There is a guy with the nickname ‘Sigma’ that reviews demo’s overseas and by watching his series you will improve your understanding of what to do in a demo and also how to move forward in your games. Check his work out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SigmaArcSin

The following are good websites to download TF2 replays from:




What to do once downloaded:

Extract or save your downloaded demo to “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Login Name\team fortress 2\tf”(.dem is the file extension for a replay/demo)
How to play a demo:
To watch the demo go into CONSOLE by pressing the “~” key on your keyboard. Then type “Playdemo NAME” to watch the demo you recorded or downloaded.

Playback Control

When you are watching the demo hit “SHIFT+F2” to toggle on/off the demo control player. This will allow you to do basics such as fastforward/rewind, skip, stop, start. Also it will allow you to add texts, sounds etc for more advanced publishing.

Thanks for reading!
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