Custom Maps: September 2013 Update


So there are more maps that have been added to the servers lately, after being added to international map cycles or custom servers, so I thought I’d update the list of maps available for download.

The maps for the custom map servers, pub servers, competitive servers, and jump servers are all on the FastDL server:

Let us know if any are missing that are being played, and we’ll sort it out. You’ll need 7-zip to extract them, then just put the .bsp in your maps folder. On Windows this would be:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps

For more information on installing custom maps on a different system visit this thread on the Steam Community forum:

Popular Competitive maps

Other Competitive maps

Other CP, KOTH, and PL maps

Custom MvM Maps

MGE and training Maps

Jump maps

Surf maps

BBall maps

Spread the love

If you frequent mixes / pick-ups then you would have experienced the scenario where we can’t play a map, because someone doesn’t have it, so please spread the list and links around, so we can play more maps in mixes and pubs.

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