William Stewart

I play competitive TF2. I main medic, and demo.

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Off the Ark: A letter from Rubilac

This is a post more important to the guys (and girls) who are new to competitive, but for those who like to think of themselves as more experienced I think it’s good to remind ourselves too. It is a message from Rubilac during his time at Eq, from about 4-5 years ago. He was on …

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Custom Maps: September 2013 Update

So there are more maps that have been added to the servers lately, after being added to international map cycles or custom servers, so I thought I’d update the list of maps available for download.

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Yankee Invasion

The U.S. president will be in South Africa this weekend, so what’s a better way than following their silly TF2 rules, to show support.┬áSo with everyone starting mixes these days, all the new people (ZEN and what not) along with the golden oldies, the decision has been made to allow the use of more items …

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Custom Maps

So there are a bunch of custom maps that are being played these days, and I know a lot of people still need them, so I have some help for you – the “Fast DownLoad” server!

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