Off the Ark: A letter from Rubilac

This is a post more important to the guys (and girls) who are new to competitive, but for those who like to think of themselves as more experienced I think it’s good to remind ourselves too. It is a message from Rubilac during his time at Eq, from about 4-5 years ago. He was on the list of great communicators in the article from the past: A quick guide to improving your In-game Communication. That’s definitely a must read article too.

Thanks for the article, X. Enjoy.



In my spare time I had a few concerns I thought I would try rectify. After playing about 150 pickups in a month and a few clannies, I decided to jot some of the concerns down with the appropriate solutions.

1. The first and foremost is COMMUNICATION!!! After watching the Loaded vs 20id game for the 3rd time with the mumble recording I drew up a list of rules/guidelines we need to follow.
Calling Rules:

  • Person who fragz calls the frag and class down.
  • Familiarise yourself with all the enemies and their probable classes so we can cut down on frag calling.
  • Know all the positions and areas of the maps and their shortened names.
  • No positional calling to be done in-game. We will cover this in Strat sessions and/or pickups.
  • Only people calling strats will be Xterminator. Otherwise I (Rubilac) will call movements regarding uber and “crunch” moments.
  • Any unusual happening needs to be called clearly and concisely. Ie THEY RUNNING KRITS.
  • There should be no need to repeat yourself, but if u feel you need to. NO FRAG CALLS should be repeated.
  • The open strat will be given at the beginning of each round and should not be questioned.

In my experience with clangames, good communication is the key to getting on the right track to success. If we can get this right as soon as possible our progress rate will climb a lot faster.

2. General Gameplay Concepts:

  • DECISION-MAKING – This is really the concept that will separate the top teams from the bottom. This is a tough concept to illustrate, but I will do my best. Say we are given a very common situation that we have found ourselves(solo or team) and are unsure of how to act. We need to make sure that we make the right decision given the information provided to us. Keep this in mind as often as u can wen u find urself stuck. I will keep bringing this point up in strat talks and demo reviews.
  • AWARENESS – This is quite interesting as we can extend alot of our in-game awareness through calls made by other players, which is a great asset and must be used effectively. But positional and situational awareness is needed by each player personally. This means, constantly checking who on their team is alive or dead and then watching for some class or personal “tricks”. This concept is best illustrated with examples of happenings where someone had brilliant or terrible awareness. As a pocket soldier I have to be aware of everything. But a weakness I have spotted in most players is their lack of awareness and thus stupid/incorrect movement, position or action.
  • SURVIVABILITY – This concept applies to all classes. Basically it boils down to a decision, to fight or run. Now most times its pretty obvious when we fight or run. But we need to establish that in common spots we are doing the correct thing. This concept is tied VERY closely to the Decision Making I spoke about before.

3. Clan Rules/Guidelines:

  • Game Nights will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • We will to have a demo review/strat talk once a week, where we can fit it in.
  • I know we don’t all have too much time, but I have a lot at the moment and would like to put it to SOME use.
  • Games will be organised via sms or the Team.eq Channel in Mirc, please check it daily for changes.
  • X has a list of players and numbers and will confirm with each member via sms if they are not available online.
  • Some sort of warmup must be done before each clan game session. 1v1 arena/pickup/training map
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8 years ago

Rubilac made me become Hitler!

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