TF2CSA Update for January 2013

Hey everyone.

Happy New Year, glad to see you all survived the end of the world. I thought I’d just give an update to everyone on what’s happening in the competitive scene, for anyone interested.

Basically, our scene is struggling at the moment, however the mixes over this festive season have been quite frequent. A mix is like an informal pick-up, for those who are unfamiliar with the term.

The main server we use for mixes at the moment is “Gameserv Mix 1”, and the IS Pickup server seems down at the moment, but I put them both here, for when the IS Pickup server is up again.

GameServ Mix 1 (Join)

IS Pickup 1 (Join)

The password for both is ‘games’.

We are trying to get new maps into the rotation, these few being the ones added recently:

Process – cp_process_b10fix
Obscure – cp_obscure_remake_rc1
Snakewater – cp_snakewater

Thank you, if you are downloading them now, or have already done so.

Some guys were wondering about the rollouts for the new maps, and some of the newer guys might need all the rollouts, so here are some awesome youtube clips:

These videos cover: Badlands, Granary, Gullywash, Snakewater, Turbine, and Process.
Soldier Rollouts
Demo Rollouts

And then a demo rollout for Obscure, but I couldn’t find a nice soldier video, so I’ll add one when I find one.
Demo Rollout for Obscure

If you captain, manage, or play for a TF2 clan, please add your clan here.

For more info about everything TF2 in SA, join the Steam Group.

I hope you guys found this post useful, as all over the place as it is.

I am looking forward to contributing to this site and trying to keep it active, so please suggest anything you’d like to see on this site, or any articles you’d like to see.

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8 years ago

New school vs old school.

8 years ago

One Night cups

8 years ago

I’ll play vs Peng!

Reply to  Zoidberg
8 years ago

Only if Russ give’s me children

8 years ago

Good to see some life on the site 🙂

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