TF2 2013 Spring Ladder

TF2 Spring Ladder

The ladder is now live!

The TF2CSA & GameZone Spring 6v6 Ladder is now live!

The goal is to encourage more people to play 6v6 TF2. Participating rather than winning is the goal of this ladder/league. The success of this ladder my lead to future competitions / ladders attracting prizes and sponsorships.

Share the love and spread the league’s ladder URL:

Teams / Clans

The following teams / clans have registered for the ladder. Captains,please make sure you are part of the  “TF2CSA & GameZone Spring 6v6 Ladder” Captains Steam Group (phew, what a mouthful!)

  • Angry Vikings
  • Axis
  • Band of Misfits
  • Frickyz
  • KuSH
  • NoName
  • Operator
  • Prime
  • Severe

Clan members

Angry Vikings

Likalota (c), Alien, Gomz, Karma, Mystery, Minneola, Zero, Axtremes, Fernando,


Trippy (c), Joe Moer, Aztec, Spoon, Schnappi, Legacy, Alphabet

Band of Misfits

ShawShaw (c), Kenny, St1xz, Chicken Waffle, The Sign Painter, Llama, Viking


Victor (c), Reborn, Spectrum, Potato, Slang, SpyFriend, Porky ZA


The Situation (c), Oblivion, Cheesed, Dirkie, SOS, Kickass, Ty, Saken, Un4given, Frostbite, Whomadewho, Stochastic


Xt3rM!n@tor (c), Deacan, Whisp, Fair, Kaoslord, Razerfox, Kung Fu


Enemy (c), Seamonkey, Wir, Takbok, Kaboos, Skillbill, Andy


Gimlief (c), Whoopee, Fish, GrimAndy, Error, Crispy, Rezal, Oblivion


Tyelander (c), Beetle, Semper, Invert, Specter, Forgetful


  • The Ladder begins on Monday 16 September, 2013
  • A contest is played across two maps. Each team nominates a map;
  • If teams are tied after the end of a map, the “golden cap” rule of first to win a round applies;
  • Any 5CP maps can be played;
  • Teams may use a maximum of two (2) substitute players provided that player is not a member of another clan playing in this ladder;
  • A match can be played with five (5) players;
  • Teams can play one another as many times a week as they like but only one match per week is required. The weekly games are scheduled and results tracked at:;
  • Team captains can use the Steam Group (see above) to schedule matches and raise issues;
  • Only the match scheduled for that week counts towards the points;
  • Three (3) points are awarded to the team winning a match;
  • There are an uneven number of teams. One team gets a bye each week and earns 3 points;
  • The servers are configured to use the ETF2L whitelist;
  • In the event of disputes or rule discussion, the ETF2L rules will apply.
  • Results can be posted here, in the comments, or mailed to
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8 years ago

shud be fun.

8 years ago

My body is ready!

8 years ago

Few questions:
1. Map pool? Are we able to pick/ban maps or is it you chose a map and we play. Bo3? Bo2? How does it work?

2. Time length of league?

3. Why not use the system they use for sc2 and other map based games. Each team vetos a map, that map cannot be played. Then they each elim a map til there is one map left. The loser picks the second map and so on. Good for BO3/BO5/BO7

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