TF2CCSA and IS Gaming TF2 League is On!

The TF2CCSA would like to announce that their plans to create a TF2 online league is becoming a reality thanks to IS Gaming. This first league will have many objectives such as community capabilities to run a successful TF2 league, to create incentive to start new clans, to motivate the multi-gaming organizations of SA to include TF2 teams on their squads and most important to give some confidence to the TF2 players to progress in skill and have a better future at a competitive level.

This community needs a boost and the good teams need to be rewarded for their hard work. The lack of competitiveness between TF2 teams makes competitions very disappointing as the difference in skill levels between top clans and the inexperienced clans is a problem that must be taken care of. The TFSCCSA team is already taking the task to improve the balance of skill levels between the community by providing some useful information and resources about how to play competitively though it may take some time to see a noticeable improvement. As we are preparing for much better leagues for next year we hope to to get a good amount of clans into this league so that we can organize leagues with different groups according to their skill levels (Pools etc). Some of the teams can take this league as preparation for the next leagues to come.

The TF2CCSA Team will run the IS Gaming TF2 League
Schedule for the ISGTF2L

* Signups open: 15 September
* Signups close: 30 September
* League starts: 5 October
* League ends: 15 December
* Entry Fee: “Free”

We are aware that running a league between October exams period can make it a bit complicated but not impossible for teams to play their matches so the suggested schedule will be very flexible for teams to complete their matches and with 10 weeks available we willl organize the minimum games that must be played per week according to the quantity of teams that enter this league.

Prizes For this league :
The TF2CCSA Website will sponsor a guaranteed R6500 in cash to share it as follows:

* 1st R3000
* 2nd R1800
* 3rd R1200
* Most Improved Team R500 (The “Most Improved Team” winner will be chosen through votes by team captains)

On behalf of the TF2 community we’d just like to thank IS Gaming for letting us use their servers for the league.

For any doubts or queries just contact us at
Written by Christian “Razerfox” Da Silva
Edited by Devon “Raliator” Williams

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12 years ago


12 years ago

Where are you getting the cash from? What sponsor is it?

12 years ago

cash heists…;]

12 years ago

Howbout increasing the gap between first, second and third? Final match for a difference of R1000 – R2000 prize money will be better to play/spectate than a finals match with a difference of R500.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for this league :>

12 years ago

Some points I want to be clarified:

What is the reasoning behind the prize reward structure?

“* 1st R2000
* 2nd R1500
* 3rd R1200
* 4th R900″

There is little difference between the the prizes. I think it is not fair to reward teams who effectively perform worse than the better teams with almost the same (amount) in a cash prize. Whats the point in competing for first place when second or third yields almost exactly the same amount as a prize?

My suggestion:

Drop the prize for fourth place, add that money onto first place. That almost doubles the prize for first place over second, and makes it much more rewarding for teams who work for that goal if they eventually do happen to achieve it.

My second issue:
“* Most Improved Team R600 (The “Most Improved Team” winner will be the team that ranks highest on the standings at the end of the league between the teams with less experienced players.)”

How on earth will you be able to create fair criteria to evaluate any team for this specific achievement? It seems mind boggling that you would consider a reward such as this, as it opens your administration up to a lot of criticism. How will you determine which team has the less experienced players, what data structures have you set up, or do you plan to have in place to be able to make your claims valid?

It seems stupid to me that you would consider a reward such as that.
Don’t get me wrong, I am in support of your organization and I am really pleased that you are stepping up to the plate and providing the TF2 community with something that is really worthwhile to participate in. But but at the same time, that doesn’t mean that you have to set up your competition to sub standard policies that took you 20 minutes to think out. Yes, its YOUR tournament, and its YOUR decision on how the prizes are distributed and you are more than entitled to do this in any fashion which you see fit, but as I said previously, your current structure does not make sense, and it seems to me that you are out to reward mediocrity over quality.

I hope that you seriously reconsider some of your prize structures according to the suggestions I have made above. I think you will find a lot of players will agree with me on the points I have raised, and if you do make it more appealing, then you will see interest from some old players to return to competitive TF2.

If you can also provided details on the planned tournament structure, and match details – that would be really appreciated

12 years ago

I Agree with Skillbill/Swirlness on this one. The structure does need some work guys.
But ya, i also agree with the thing he said about seeing old faces come back. If a more clean structure is set, it’ll be a lot more appealing to the ‘older’ crowd that can understand whats going on here, not so much to the youngsters.

Yeah, but wow, im getting uber withdrawals atm 😛 Keep it up guys, this webby is awesome, and what you guys are doing for the community (even though i aint really a part of it anymore) is really cool! Congrats!

12 years ago

I agree with u skillbill

12 years ago


12 years ago

First off, I was not really involved in the setting up of this comp but here are my understandings of the reason why this competition is set up the way it is.

There is a prize for the 4th team in order to keep more teams in the competition for its full duration. Say for example you know from your log score (or however the scoring is going to work) that you will not be making the top three teams, you are a lot more likely to pull out and/or disband if you have no chance of wining anything compared to wining a small sum of money for coming 4th overall. With this scenario we have an almost 100% chance of having 5 teams that play for the entire duration of the competition. The amount of money for each category may need to be revised because like you said, the top team does not seem to have a satisfying prize when compared to the prize for the team placing second.

I do not personally think the prize for best improved team is the right way to do it but what it is trying to achieve is another method of keeping all the teams in the competition until it is complete because of the reason mentioned above.

TF2 has always had bad competitions in SA because of teams pulling out and I believe this competition was set up for two reasons; to improve the quality and number of clans in SA, ie helping the dwindling community, and to create a competitive atmosphere where the top teams get prizes allocated according to their skill.

With all this said I am pretty sure that the rules and prizes of this competition are not set in stone and thus can be changed.

12 years ago

If you think that prize money of R900 and 600 for fourth place and “most improved team” respectively will motivate clans to keep on playing, then you are making a huge mistake.

Your core reasons to host a competition like this in the first place is to keep old school players interested in staying with TF2 in the first place, whilst at the same time generating a lot of publicity for the competitive TF2 community as a whole.

R900 shared amongst 6 – 8 people equates to little over a R100 per person on that team. Do you really, really believe that the mid skilled (SA standards) are going to stay on in a competition just because of the prospect of earning R100 each?

Get real. I can already list the four clans that will be in that top tier of teams already – presuming that a few players come back and form two or three teams. You are really missing the point of what a competition like this is supposed to achieve.

First of all, websites like DOgaming, MyGaming, mint, pantheon, and maybe one or two more would be interested to cover a prestigious TF2 league with nice prizes on their websites, because they will draw readers to their sites. I have already spoken to a DO gaming journalist who would be interested to cover this event. For those of you who do not know, they are the premier competitive gaming website in this country right now, and with their help you can get TF2 a lot of exposure.

But people aren’t going to take this game or its competitive community seriously when they see the retarded prize structure used for this tournament. Events like these with cash prizes are meant to generate a lot of hype and interest as the competition progresses towards its closing stages, and with a difference of only R500 between 2nd prize and first prize, you wont be motivating teams to really put in a lot of effort with regards to being motivated to practice.

This game is in a dire state right now. There are maybe three or four clans who play semi actively. Modern Warfare 2, Natural Selection 2 and Starcraft 2 are all peaking around the corner and I must say, those games are looking extremely more appealing than what TF2 is looking right now. You can just take a look at COD4 to see how a decent competitive gaming community is structured in SA.

The recent BOTC finals attracted more than 100 people for a shoutcast. Thats 100 people sitting there, listening in to a game that they cant even spectate. Add a HLTV equivalent in there and you are going to get another 50 or so people jumping in there. Thats massive exposure in terms of getting people acquainted with competitive gaming, and this is EXACTLY what TF2 needs right now to survive.

You aren’t going to motivate clans a whole lot with this current prize structure. 3 – 3.5k for first place, 1.5ish k for second, and then the rest for third place would be much more enticing from any competitive TF2 player’s point of view, and you are going to generate a lot more hype and get a lot more publicity through using a serious prize structure, and eventually make it known that this game is ready to draw in sponsors for competitive play.

Or you can continue and use your R80 per player just to keep on playing, and piss off the people who are really interested in staying involved with competitive TF2.

Your move.

12 years ago

SkillBill i beleive what the R600 “Most improved team” is for is to entice new clans to start.

Think about it as a new clan you see the top 4-5 clans and say whats the point they are going to get all the prizes but with the R600 it will get more teams and cement the winning team of that prize into the community.

What team would disband after winning something?

As for a fourth place i beleive their should be a prize look at BOTC four teams in “Finals” say Brazen and Pantheon come back theirs going to be a fight for top 6 places.

You will need another prize to entice the weaker clans of this top six.

12 years ago

Olala! This is cool, I just want to enter for the fun of it and see how my clan does against others..If we win some money that will be a bonus too..

12 years ago

I’d have to agree that teh price structure could use some work. I like the most improved team idea and obviously that’s at the discretion of the organizers so they can choose who ever they like. but something like:
“* 1st R3000
* 2nd R2200
* 3rd R1400
* Best new team Noddy badge 🙂

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