” IS Rare Server “

The IS Rare Server was started because something new needed to be introduced to the TF2 SA community compared to the stock maps that were being played on the regular public servers. A custom map server was needed as the only servers that hosted custom maps were international servers with high latency’s. The first “Rare Server” server costed about R500 pm and was so popular that sometimes “Rare himself” struggled to join. The Map rotations were maps that had been played on international servers that looked fun.

A few of them : ctf_ball2, zf_dustbowl_b4, rj_rckteer_2, ctf_steamroll, cp_soar

The Rare server started running at a similar time to when ” Rare” recieved his Public IS Admin, Two months later IS Gaming gave him place to host his own server with their name. If anyone has any map suggestions or know of a way to improve the ” IS Rare Server” feel free to contact him on steam or email on rare07@telkomsa.net, “Rare” is always open to new suggestions and views of the community. A recent Idea by Kryptonyte was adding All Critz which would be activated via a voting system and this has been great fun.

The ” IS Rare Server” is meant to be fun and bring a different challenge to the TF2 Community. Thanks must be mentioned to IS Gaming for letting “Rare” host his server and show TF2 SA a different part of Team Fortress 2.

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12 years ago

Lol, the all crits was funny, everyone was soldier..

12 years ago

Is there anywhere you can locally download the maps on rotation on the server?

12 years ago

Yeah is listed on the right sidebar “TF2 Resources” but anyway here is the link ftp://ftp.isgaming.co.za/games/tf2/maps/

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