Interview with skillpiG


Nickname: skillpiG / Roobir

Full Name: Nico Pieter Fouché (If you call me Pieter i will NOT respond)

Age: 21

Location: Despatch, Port Elizabeth

Class: Medic, Soldier

Clan: Swift


Single Player game: Doom 3, Half-Life 1/2, Minesweeper

Online Game: Guild Wars, WoW, CoD4, TF2, BF2 (prolly still banned)

Music Artist: In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Disarmonia Mundi, Arch Enemy, Darkest Hour, KSE etc

Song: In Flames – Freefall

TV Series: Boston Legal, Friday Night Lights, How I met your mother, South Park, oldschool THG Videos

Movie: Fight Club, Event Horizon, Sin City, Rocky III


Favorite Class and why you decided to play it:

1. Medic, we were lacking specific classes in miNt and no dedicated medics were to be seen in SA. I decided to salvage what I learned from my sniper/soldier experience and put all my efforts in becoming a valued medic.
2. Soldier, I love the pure brutality of this class and with the right source of inspiration you can become quite a good teamplaying soldier.

Your favorite players: Joint: pure determination, Kaboos: pure teamplayer, _enemy: pure white with a fro and generally everyone I talk to :>

Most Kills in one round: 5 on cp_granary last point (pickup as medic) and 4 pantheon members on cp_badlands last point (clan skirmish as medic) and I think ~24 as soldier on pub

Best moment in TF2 and why:

1. Getting asked to leave the pickup (due to being “too drunk”) and then getting highest score as demoman
2. Beating Brazen.TF2 3-2 on badlands for the first time.
3. Forcing opposition’s uber with my Ubersaw and then surviving to use the advantage gained from Ubersaw and win the round.


Rate: 60000
Cmdrate: 45
Updaterate: 45
Interp: 0.0222

Frag Vidz: None (yet >:D)

A bit about yourself

Studying Information Technology Communication Networks, something like the internet comes to mind.
I do networking, so you can guess I have a short temper (ask swift peeps :P) and I enjoy my fair share of alcohol (ask #alcoholarmy peeps). What you guys probably dont know is that I actually enjoy helping out new people and giving them tips from what I had to learn the hard way. No, that doesn’t make me a caring person, just a helpfull, short-tempered medic that curses alot. 🙂

Gaming Gear

CPU: Core 2 Quad q6600 @ 3.2GHz
Motherboard: Gigabyte P35 DS3R
RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR2 4GB @ 1066MHz
Graphics Card: Inno3D 8800GTS 512
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW (22″ LCD)
Mouse and DPI + In-game sensitivity: Logitech MX-518, maximum DPI with various ingame speed adjustments
Keyboard: Logitech Slim Glossy

Advice for new players

Aim to be unpredictable, it might make you survive long enough to save your clan-mates.

What you think new players need to do to better them and become more competitive?

Gather information on the class you want to play, learn everything you can: from exploits to scripting. For me using scripts is a sign of simply “doing your damned homework” and not a way of trying to be a hacker. Sure you get unfair scripts, but all of them have been judged and *fixed* if deemed necessary.

After gathering information, try establishing relationships with fellow TF2’ers who share your ambitions and work together on improving.

Last little tip: don’t take everything too personal while meeting new people in #TF2 or clan servers, but don’t let anyone walk over you! :>

See you in #alcoholarmy,

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12 years ago

Honesty. Priceless.

12 years ago

gotta love nico =D

12 years ago

Great Interview!!

12 years ago

Pieter!!!!!! 😀 Nice interview skillpiggy

12 years ago

Do Not Mess with the Pig Of Skill! He is from PE :]

12 years ago

I know 😀 but I moved recently… He’ll never find mwahahahaha… (evil laugh drawn out)

12 years ago

Skillpig, what scripts do you use and could you guys dedicate a page to listing the ones each of your clan use?

12 years ago

Yoh Splat, I only use this one now:

alias “+jumpeh” “+jump;+duck”
alias “-jumpeh” “-duck;-jump”
bind “MOUSE2” “+jumpeh”

All the other juicy scripts are useless now due to wait command being disabled.

I used this one for quite a time tho:

12 years ago

Nice interview :O In flames we trust /

12 years ago

Pieter jy’s ‘n fokken moffie ou maat!

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