TF2 6v6 v2 Week 2 Matchday 2 Predictions

By Skillbill

The second incarnation of the Team Fortress 2 6v6 league started off over the past week, and thus far it has received some well deserved support from the community. Out of the 12 scheduled games for week one, the only game that was not played was SLEEP vs iNfamous which has been delayed to a later date. The league features 12 teams, and has been broken up into 2 seeded groups of teams – high and low seeds. Every week will see teams playing 2 games – one against a team from their own seed group, and another match against a team from the other group.

Check out Skillbill’s prediction of the Week 2 Matchday 2 on the following link  TF2 6v6 v2 Predictions

Source: BravadoGaming

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