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Soldier Cup 1vs1 Groups

There are three Servers that will be running for this competition Soldier Practice Server : password: soldier Soldier Comp Server 1 : password: isgaming Soldier Comp Server 2 : password: isgaming

Soldier Cup 1vs1 Players and Groups Announced

The entry limit has been reached for the 1vs1 Soldier Rebirth Competition. Players still wishing to enter may still enter their names onto the registration page, but will be put on a waiting list until/if a spot opens up. The 50th spot was taken last night at 7:05pm. This comes just in time before the …

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Soldier Competition Update

We are four days away from closing the entries for the miNt Equilibrium Soldier Competition and there are only 7 spots remaining.  Lots of entries have come in the last week or so, one of the big names being the Current Soldier Competition Champion, “Groen”, who has not played TF2 for the last 4 months …

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