Soldier Cup 1vs1 Players and Groups Announced

The entry limit has been reached for the 1vs1 Soldier Rebirth Competition. Players still wishing to enter may still enter their names onto the registration page, but will be put on a waiting list until/if a spot opens up. The 50th spot was taken last night at 7:05pm. This comes just in time before the 8pm cut off last night. Below are details of how the group stages will work. we will also try and keep an up to date list of the latest matches, matches to watch and score updates.

How Round 1 will work:

Please note groups will be announced on Tuesday 25th August at 8pm

» There will be 10 groups.

» Each group will have a maximum of 5 players.

» In this stage, maps can only be played on either Granary or Lumberyard as per the Vote.

» Each group will consist of 2 high seeds, 1 medium seed and 2 low seeds. (seeds will be adjusted accordingly)

» Players are expected to have played their opponents (4) before the cut off date.

» Both players are expected to report match scores in their groups thread, if only one player posts the score, that score will be counted.

» It is the players jobs to organise when they play their matches.

» Players have from Tuesday the 25th August to Monday 21st of September to finish all their group matches.

» If there are any problems or questions please email your query to

Players list:

• Cha0tiX
• Xt3rM!n@tor
• anthem
• Razerfox
• Reg
• kinganimal
• XoloX
• ToAsT
• f4llin
• Serpent
• TyphooN
• CupCake
• ZimmY
• SilencE
• technic
• UberFroG
• n4z
• r0adrunner
• xMATTx
• VomitShovel
• b4rk
• Staalklip
• onionfusion
• Kryptonyte
• Wir
• G4RFiElD
• cheeseofdoooom
• Alecto
• Legion
• Ripped
• WaRh4mmY
• Spike
• _enemy
• Khan
• L3gacy
• GrimAndy
• Bobalas
• Semper
• J0_MaA
• comawhite
• Groen
• Ẳچë§╠╣ỗŦ
• Joint
• Skywalker
• AmpT
• Splat
• Fr00glez0r
• Shadowrizla
• Aesir
• AzTeC

Groups List

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12 years ago

WOAH!!! that is one killer line-up of players! going to be a really tough comp!

12 years ago

cannot agree more. there’s one or two guys im sad arent there. alas 🙁

12 years ago

Love the poll… made my day. ROFL.

12 years ago

im gonna be last…fml

12 years ago

Groups have been announced guys. go check where you’re at on

Good luck 🙂

12 years ago

sigh… cant get practise in at all. No line at home, wanted to practise from the office but damn this laptop gives me 10fps.

Will warm up during the match… lol

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